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Episode 169: 10 Spanish Phrases You’ll Hear in Conversation

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    Episode 169

    10 Spanish Phrases You’ll Hear in Conversation

    In every language, there are phrases that native speakers use that don’t necessarily translate word-for-word.

    In this episode of the podcast, we’ll share 10 conversational phrases that you’ll probably hear when you’re speaking to a native Spanish speaker.

    Resources Mentioned in this Episode

    If you enjoyed this episode, and want to learn more conversational phrases I invite you to check out the Spanish Vocabulary Booster Course.

    We cover 110 phrases that are commonly used in Spanish conversations by native speakers.

    Notes from this Episode ?

    • Sin embargo (However)

    Es cierto que no estudié mucho. Sin embargo, saqué un 100 en el examen.

    It’s true that I didn’t study much. However, I got a 100% on the exam.

      • Ya que (Since)

      Ya que estamos juntos, hablemos de nuestra boda.

      Since we are together, let’s talk about our wedding.

      • Ni siquiera (Not even, not so much as)

      Ni siquiera me preguntó cómo estaba.

      He didn’t even ask how I was.

      • Sin querer (Without wanting to, by mistake)

      Dejé la comida afuera sin querer y se echó a perder.

      I left the food out by mistake and it spoiled.

      • Todo el mundo (Everyone, everybody)

      Todo el mundo lo conoce.

      Everyone knows him.

      • De hecho (In fact, actually)

      Me gusta mucho tu casa; de hecho, quisiera proponerte que me la vendas.

      I really like your house; in fact, I would like to propose that you sell it to me.

      • En cambio (On the other hand, instead)

      Mi hija mayor es muy tranquila. En cambio, mi hija menor nunca se queda quieta.

      My oldest daughter is very calm. On the other hand, my youngest daughter never sits still.

      • De ahora en adelante (From now on)

      De ahora en adelante voy a comer saludable.

      From now on I am going to eat healthy.

      • Más allá (Beyond, further)

      Ella vive más allá de la tienda.

      She lives beyond the store.

      • Un ratito (A short time, a little while)

      Puedes ver la televisión un ratito.

      You can watch television for a little while.

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