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Episode 129: Backpacking and Slow Travel in Ecuador and El Salvador (Part 1)

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    Episode 129

    Backpacking and Slow Travel in Ecuador and El Salvador (Part 1)

    Imagine if you could spend 4 months traveling to ALL the countries on your bucket list. Our guest this week, Melissa Neacato, did just that with her family of four.

    Melissa, her husband, and 2 children took a four month ‘mini-retirement‘ that included a road trip, spending one month in Ecuador, and another month in El Salvador.

    She decided to take a non-traditional route for her family by embracing minimalism, focusing on paying down debt, and the concept of slow travel.

    In our conversation, we talk about why she decided to travel to Ecuador and El Salvador and the experiences her family had traveling in Central and South America.

    Melissa tells us about typical El Salvadorian food and Spanish words that have a different meaning in El Salvador. She also shares how she incorporates Spanish into her family and home life to give her children exposure to the language.

    Note: This episode is in Spanish. To get the full transcript for this episode, sign up to be a show supporter.


    Guest Information

    Melissa Neacato, Traveling Wallet

    Website: travelingwallet.com

    Instagram: @travelingwalletroamer

    Facebook: @MelissaNeacato


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