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Episode 153: Aprende español colombiano con la música: ‘Mi encanto’ por Carlos Vives (parte 1)

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    Episode 153

    Aprende español colombiano con la música: ‘Mi encanto' por Carlos Vives (parte 1)

    In this week's episode, you'll learn all about Colombian Spanish and culture through the country's music. Language Coach Maribel Zapata talks about music genres in Colombia from vallenato to salsa.

    Note: This episode is in Spanish. For a full transcript with English translation, sign up to be a show supporter (learnspanishconsalsa.com/support)

    Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

    Watch Disney's Encanto (on Disney+)

    Colombian Spanish Resources

    Songs Featured in this Episode

    Encanto by Carlos Vives
    Tierra del Olvido by Carlos Vives

    Latin American Dances Featured in this Episode

    Sansa Dancing in Cali
    Cumbia Dancing in Colombia
    Porro Dancing

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