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Don’t Just Say No: 10 Polite Ways to Express Disagreement in Spanish

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    It’s easy to learn how to say no in Spanish, it’s the same word as English. 🙂

    However, consistently answering with a short “no” in response to questions may be perceived offensively.  At minimum, it can get a little boring and repetitive in your conversations.

    Just by adding a few of these words and phrases to your vocabulary, you can politely disagree in any situation.

    Let’s review 10 ways to say “no” in Spanish to add a little more variety to your conversations:

    1) Creo que noI don’t think so.

    ¿Vas a ir a la fiesta de Amalia?

    – Creo que no.

    Are you going to go to the party with Amalia?

    – I don’t think so.

    2) La verdad es que no Truthfully, no.

    ¿Quieres ir a nadar mañana?

    – La verdad es que no.

    Do you want to go swimming tomorrow?

    – Truthfully, no.

    3) No puedo I can’t.

    ¿Vienes de compras el sábado conmigo?

    –Lo siento, no puedo.

    Are you going shopping with me on Saturday?

    – I’m sorry, I can’t.

    4) No estoy de acuerdoI don’t agree.

    Dicen que comer fruta es malo.

    – No estoy de acuerdo. La fruta es muy saludable.

    They say that eating fruit is bad.

    – I don’t agree. Fruit is very healthy.

    5) Me parece que noIt doesn’t look like it.

    ¿Vas a terminar el proyecto para mañana?

    – Me parece que no.

    Are you going to finish the project for tomorrow?

    – It doesn’t look like it.

    6) No tiene sentido →  It doesn’t make sense.

    Voy a caminar a la tienda en la lluvia.

    – No hagas eso, no tiene sentido.

    I am going to walk to the store in the rain.

    – Don’t do that, it doesn’t make sense.

    7) De ninguna manera No way.

    ¿Tu crees que debo lavar mi ropa blanca con mi camiseta roja?

    –¡De ninguna manera!

    Do you think I should wash my white clothing with my red shirt?

    – No way!

    8) Yo tampocoMe either. (Note: Although this is a negative response, you usually use it when you agree with another person about something they disagree with :))

    No quiero ir al gimnasio hoy.

    – Yo tampoco.

    I don’t want to go to the gym today.

    – Me either.

    9) Nunca en la vidaNot in this lifetime.

    ¿Vas al cine conmigo?

    – ¡Nunca en la vida!

    Do you want to go to the movies with me?

    – Not in this lifetime!

    10) Ni lo sueñesNot even in your dreams.

    ¿Me das un beso?

    -¡Ni lo sueñes!

    Will you give me a kiss?

    Not even in your dreams!


    There you have it, now you know 10 different ways to say “no” in Spanish.  Use one of these phrases the next time you have a conversation, and you will sound much more natural speaking Spanish.


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