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Episode 126: Learning Spanish through Story (Interview with Olly Richards, StoryLearning)

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    Episode 126

    Learning Spanish through Story (Interview with Olly Richards, StoryLearning)

    Our guest this week is polyglot Olly Richards. He is a language educator and author from the UK who speaks 8 languages.

    Olly started a blog called I Will Teach You A Language, and since then he’s developed the StoryLearning®️ method – a new way to learn languages through story. 

    He has published over 30 books, consulted for major institutions across Europe, and is a regular speaker at international language events.

    In our conversation we talk about:
    • how he started learning languages ????
    • how he used music to learn Brazilian Portuguese ????
    • why learning languages through story is effective ????

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    Guest Information

    Olly Richards, StoryLearning®️

    Website: iwillteachyoualanguage.com

    Instagram: @iwillteachyoualanguage

    Facebook: @IWillTeachYouALanguage

    Twitter: @Olly_IWTYAL

    YouTube: Olly Richards


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