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What type of Spanish should you learn?


What activity would you most like to try?

What drink looks most appealing to you?

Which live concert would you most like to attend?

Which one is your ideal retirement home?

Which place would you most like to visit?

Where would you like to go on your next vacation?

What type of Spanish should you learn?
Caribbean Spanish

Caribbean Spanish Courses

You're meant to be in the islands! You should learn Spanish from the Caribbean. You can choose from Cuban, Puerto Rican, or Dominican Spanish. Learn Caribbean Spanish

Mexican Spanish

Your Spanish personality belongs in Mexico! Learn Mexican Spanish so you can communicate with one of the largest Spanish-speaking populations in Latin America. Spanish Pod 101
Glossika Mexican Spanish
Argentine Spanish

You, my friend, belong in the Europe of Latin America. The culture of Argentina includes tango, wine tastings, art, and a rich history. If you haven't visited Buenos Aires, you should add it to your bucket list. Learn what makes Argentine Spanish unique: Read: 4 Surprising Facts About Argentine Spanish
Costa Rican Spanish

You should learn Spanish from Costa Rica or another country in Central America like Panama, Guatemala, or Nicaragua. You'll be able to visit the mountains, go ziplining, and hike the rain forests. Plus, Spanish from this region is generally pretty easy to understand (as long as you know the localisms). Learn Costa Rican Spanish in Spanish Pod 101's Regional Spanish Series: Spanish Pod 101
European Spanish

Your heart is in Europe, so you should learn Spanish right from the source...Spain! Learn Castilian Spanish with Glossika
Colombian Spanish

Colombia is one of the most sought-after destinations to learn Spanish. This South American country is known for its diverse landscapes, rich culture, and a distinctly elegant way of speaking Spanish. Listen to these episodes of the podcast to learn more about Colombian culture and how Spanish is spoken there: Episode 29: Interview with Shay Spence about Conversational Fluency, Colombian Culture & Slang
Episode 40: Entrevista con Andrea Alger sobre los acentos de colombia y palabras colombianas

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