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5 Ways to Say “You’re Welcome” in Spanish

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    Saying you're welcome in Spanish can become a pretty routine part of any conversation.  But you may get tired of using the same phrase over and over again.

    If you are tired of saying “de nada,” try some new responses to make your conversations have more variety.  Also, native speakers will express “you're welcome” in a variety of ways.

    The next time someone says “gracias,” try responding with one of these phrases:

    1) Con mucho gusto My pleasure (Literally: With much pleasure)

    Gracias por cocinar hoy.

    – Ay, con mucho gusto.

    Thank you for cooking today.

    – Oh, my pleasure.

    2) Es un placerIt’s a pleasure.

    Mil gracias por lavar mi ropa.

    – Es un placer.

    Thanks a million for washing my clothing.

    – It’s a pleasure.

    3) Por nadaIt’s nothing.

    Gracias por la ropa nueva.

    –¡Por nada!

    Thank you for the new clothing.

    – It’s nothing!

    4) No hay de que Don’t mention it.

    Gracias por ayudarme limpiar la casa, te lo agradezco.

    – ¡No hay de que!

    Thank you for helping me clean the house, I appreciate it.

    – Don’t mention it!

    5) A la orden At your service.

    Gracias por cuidar a los niño esta mañana.

    -¡A la orden!

    Thank you for taking care of the children this morning.

    – At your service!

    Use these phrases to have more fluid, natural Spanish conversations.

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