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Episode 68: Learn Spanish and Travel the World (Interview with Jim and May from Spanish and Go)

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    Episode 68

    Learn Spanish and Travel the World (Interview with Jim & May from Spanish and Go)

    In this episode, I interview Jim and May from Spanish and Go. We talk about how they met, why they started Spanish and Go, and how they’re adjusting to life since they moved to Puerto Rico.

    They also talk about the differences between Mexican and Puerto Rican Spanish, and the most beautiful place they’ve visited in Latin America that you should definitely add to your travel bucket list.

    Guest Information:

    Jim & May (Spanish and Go)
    Website: https://spanishandgo.com
    YouTube Channel: Spanish and Go
    Instagram: @Spanishandgo
    Facebook: Spanish and Go

    Jim & May are the co-creators of Spanish and Go, a YouTube channel, blog, and podcast made to help connect travelers to Spanish-speaking countries. Spanish and Go helps travelers navigate the Spanish-speaking world with practical how-to videos and culture focused travel videos.

    Use the code CONSALSA10 to get 10% OFF any Spanish and Go products or retreats.

    May’s Favorite Song: Me Gustas por Joan Sebastian

    Jim’s Favorite Song: Bamboleo por Gipsy Kings

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