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Episode 109: The Secret to Unlock Your Spanish Listening Skills (Interview with Daniel Raynaud, Jiveworld)

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    Episode 109

    The Secret to Unlock Your Spanish Listening Skills (Interview with Daniel Raynaud, Jiveworld)

    Daniel Raynaud is a linguist, techie, adventurer, and entrepreneur. He spent years traveling the world as a musician, living in different countries, and learning languages along the way.

    In 2016, Daniel packed up everything to move from the San Francisco Bay Area to Medellín, Colombia. He soon found that having conversations with the locals in Spanish beyond basic interactions was a challenge.

    Drawing up his experience with language learning and the tech world, he began to experiment with the idea of creating a solution for intermediate Spanish learners to help them break through the plateau of just having basic conversations to really achieve fluency.

    The result of that quest is Lupa, an innovate app that provides ear training to help you get to the advanced level of listening comprehension. We talk about how he founded his company Jiveworld, the lessons he learned from over 30 years of learning languages, and how he connected with the team at Radio Ambulante to develop the Lupa app.

    Daniel was generous enough to offer listeners of the Learn Spanish Con Salsa an exclusive discount to the app (which you can try for free) at lupa.app/salsa


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