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Episode 142: The Top 10 Episodes of 2021

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    Episode 142

    The Top 10 Episodes of 2021

    Can you believe the year is almost over?!

    In this week’s episode, I’ll be reviewing the 10 most popular episodes of the year 2021.

    Listen to find out if there’s an episode you missed, or if your favorites made the list.

    1. Episode 107: Learn Spanish Verbs with Music [El día de mi suerte]
    2. Episode 133: Learn Spanish Verbs with Music [Tu amor me hace bien]
    3. Episode 137: Why Living Abroad Won’t Help You Get Fluent: Andrea’s Story
    4. Episode 109: The Secret to Unlock Your Spanish Listening Skills (Interview with Daniel Raynaud, Jiveworld)
    5. Episode 131: The Smart Way to Master the Past Tense
    6. Episode 121: Decoding ‘Despacito’: An Oral History of Latin Music (Interview with Leila Cobo, Author and Vice President at Billboard)
    7. Episode 139: How to Stop Forgetting the Spanish You’ve Learned
    8. Episode 114: Learn How to Use the Preposition ‘De’ with Music [Medicina de amor]
    9. Episode 118: Learn 3 Ways to Say ‘To Have’ in Spanish with Timba Music [Me Dicen Cuba]
    10. Episode 128: How to 10X Your Spanish Vocabulary with Audiobooks

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