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Episode 137: Why Living Abroad Won’t Help You Get Fluent: Andrea’s Story

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    Episode 137

    Why Living Abroad Won’t Help You Get Fluent: Andrea’s Story

    Andrea traveled to Central and South America for over a decade and never got beyond speaking ‘survival Spanish’ — even after living abroad and studying Spanish in university.

    She went from being overwhelmed learning Spanish on her own to consistently speaking Spanish every week and making measurable progress.

    We talk about…

    • the game-changing strategy that helped her gain confidence speaking Spanish
    • her tips and tricks for learning vocabulary and not forgetting it
    • the best way to implement an effective Spanish immersion program that doesn’t require relocation

    I know you’ll be inspired by her story, make sure you stick around to the end, and I’ll let you know how you can join Andrea in the Spanish Con Salsa Community.


    Join the Spanish Con Salsa Fluency Club and gain the confidence to talk to native speakers in your first 90 days!

    For more information, go to spanishconalsa.com/join

    Doors close this Thursday, August 19

    Guest Information

    Andrea Franchini

    Facebook: andrea.franchini.


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