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13 YouTube Channels Every Spanish Learner Should Know About

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    I am often asked about recommendations for Spanish learning resources.

    There are so many free Spanish resources on the Internet, and YouTube videos are a good way to increase your exposure to authentic Spanish.

    But it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options.  Which videos are a waste of your time, too challenging, or too basic?

    If you are looking for interesting videos that are appropriate for your Spanish level, check out the list below.


    These channels are in the beginner category because they have a little more English, or the option to watch the channel in English. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t wonderful options for learners of all levels!

    1) Spanish Dude

    This is a native English speaker who clearly explains Spanish grammar points with some comedy sprinkled in. His Spanish may not be perfect, but he keeps you entertained while making sense of grammar, which in itself is an admirable accomplishment.

    learn spanish

    2) Super Holly

    Holly’s channel is full of DIYs, funny stories, tutorials and reviews. So, the next time you want to dye your hair purple, re-decorate your home, or just have a good laugh, Holly is your girl. Holly is fully bilingual and does all of her videos in English and in Spanish, which is great for beginners. You can listen in Spanish first and then test your comprehension in English or vice versa.

    learn spanish

    3) ElSmosh

    ElSmosh has a variety of sketches and pop culture related videos. The videos are short and funny and also have an English version Smosh . New videos are added every Friday to the English Channel and every Sunday on the Spanish Channel.

    learn spanish



    4) Mis Pastelitos

    This is cooking channel that features a variety of creative and delicious looking sweets. You can find everything from no-bake recipes to Emoji cakes and iPhone cookies. The next time you want to impress someone with a mirror cake and practice your Spanish at the same time, Mis Pastelitos can help you whip up something sweet.  She adds a new video every Thursday. And for the icing on the cake, the channel also exists in English, My Little Cakes, so that you can make sure you got the recipe right before you dive in and start cooking.

    learn spanish free



    Once you get to the point in your language-learning journey where you can get the gist of most conversations, your YouTube options are truly endless. Here are some of the most popular channels to help you find something that interests you.


    5) Luisito Comunica

    If you love travel or want to have an overseas adventure without the jetlag, check out Luisito Comunica. He is originally from Mexico but blogs about his adventures traveling around the world, the strange things he finds, places he goes, and other random videos of challenges or experiences.

    learn spanish

    6) Banana Rancia

    If myth buster videos are your thing, the Banana Rancia might be the channel for you. This YouTuber is from Argentina and dedicates his videos to exploring topics, people, and ideas that will expand your point of view and cause you to question your perception of reality. The most popular series on this channel are 5 Hechos (5 Facts) and Genios del Plagio (Geniuses of Plagarism).

    learn spanish

    7) Combo

    For all of the TV and movie fanatics out there, Combo is one of the most popular channels in Spanish focused on the entertainment industry. New videos are uploaded three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The YouTubers review new releases and pop culture. The channel also features debates, interviews, and discussions of TV and movie-related topics.

    learn spanish

    8) Cracks

    It wouldn’t be a complete list of YouTube channels without some sports. Cracks is dedicated to soccer, which is appropriate since soccer is THE sport of the Spanish-speaking world. They discuss news, recent games, and other aspects of the soccer industry. The channel is based out of Mexico but covers soccer around the world.

    learn spanish

    9) Caelike

    This channel is full of bloopers, beauty and fashion tutorials, song parodies, and interviews.  This isn’t your usual fashion and beauty channel.  Caeli adds a comedic twist to just about everything. She adds new videos every Wednesday and Saturday.

    the best way to learn spanish

    10) Yuya

    Yuya is also a channel about beauty, pop culture, cooking and decorating. She adds a new video every Wednesday and Friday.  Her channel focuses a little more on the actual tutorial and less on the comedy aspect than some of the other channels mentioned.


    the best way to learn spanish


    11) Hola soy German

    This YouTuber is from Chile. I will warn you ahead of time- he speaks very quickly. However, most of his videos are short and he is extremely animated so even if you can’t understand everything, you are bound to get a few laughs out of it. He adds a new video every Friday about a variety of topics from how to get a job to grandparents. The topic may be unpredictable but the humor is consistent.


    the best way to learn spanish

    12) Werevertumorro

    This is another comedy-based channel. Here you will find sketches, short films, song and TV show parodies, and video blogs. This channel is also based out of Mexico but is very popular among Spanish speakers around the world.

    learn spanish


    13) Jauja Cocina Mexicana

    Since we already have a dessert-cooking channel on the list, I feel it’s only fair to add a food channel as well.  Whenever you want to make an authentic Mexican dish, you should go to Jauja for help. She adds two delicious new recipes a week and her channel has a little bit of everything.

    learn spanish

    YouTube is full of entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking videos. This list is a great place to start, but if you don’t see anything that interests you, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    Simply search for your favorite topics on YouTube en español and you are bound to find something that will keep you interested and increase your Spanish exposure.

    Just make sure you don’t spend your whole day binge watching videos and make sure you get some conversation practice in too.


    Do you have a favorite Spanish YouTube channel? Let us know in the comments below.

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