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Episode 190: 15 Must-Know Spanish Phrases for Phone and Zoom Calls

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    Episode 190

    Episode 190: 15 Must-Know Spanish Phrases for Phone and Zoom Calls

    In this episode, we’re zooming into the virtual world of communication! 🗨

    Whether you’ve been navigating Zoom calls for work, catching up with friends, or taking online Spanish lessons, we’ve got some tips to help you sound more like a native speaker.

    You’ll learn the following:

    • How to check in with your conversation partner if you can’t hear them, need them to unmute, or want them to repeat something. 🔊👂
    • The best way to handle tech issues by learning how native Spanish speakers say your screen is frozen, you have a bad connection, and the oft-repeated Can you see my screen? –especially when sharing presentations or visuals without leaving anyone in the dark. 💻🔧
    • What to say when you need to step away briefly or just need a moment to gather your thoughts, you’ll learn how to pause the conversation politely in Spanish⏳

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