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Episode 18: Immerse Yourself in Latin Music, Dance, and Culture: Interview with Moshe Rasier from Aventura Dance Cruise

Learn Spanish Con Salsa Podcast

Episode 18

Immerse Yourself in Latin Music, Dance, and Culture

Interview with Moshe Rasier from Aventura Dance Cruise

Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance, visit the Dominican Republic, or go to the concert of your favorite Latin music artist? 

What if I told you that you could do all of the above in one event?  Enter Aventura, the world’s largest Latin Dance cruise.

In this episode, I talk to the owner/director of Aventura Dance Cruise, Moshe Rasier, to get a behind-the-scenes perspective on this immersive Latin cultural experience

He’s going to tell us about how ADC got started and why it’s different from anything else you’ve experienced.


Time Speaker Transcript
00:31 –01:54 Host Hola y
bienvenidos a episodio 18. Welcome to Episode 18 of the Learn Spanish Con Salsa podcast. Have you
ever wanted to learn how to dance, visit the Dominican Republic or Cuba or go
to your favorite Latin music artist’s concert? Well, what if I told you that
you could do all of the above in just one event? Now, that’s where the
Aventura Dance Cruise comes in. Now this is the world’s largest Latin dance
cruise, and if you didn’t know, “aventura” means “adventure” in English and
that’s definitely a great description of this experience.
In this episode I
talked to the owner and director of Aventura Dance Cruise, Moshe Rasier, to
get a behind the scenes perspective on this immersive Latin culture
experience. He’s going to tell us all about how Aventura Dance Cruise got
started and why it’s different from anything else you’ve ever experienced
before. He also shares some language learning advice from his own experience.
He has a very diverse background and he’ll talk a little bit about that as
And at the end of
our conversation I’ll come back and give you more information about how you
can get a special discount if you’re interested in checking out Aventura. So,
with that, let’s get started with the interview with Moshe.
01:54-01:57 Host Moshe, thank you so
much for joining me on the Learn Spanish Con Salsa podcast.
01:57-02:01 Guest Thank you. Thank
you for having me. I’m excited to be here.
02:01-02:09 Host I want to start off, if you could just tell a little
bit about yourself and what it is that you do with the Aventura Dance Cruise.
02:09-02:11 Guest Sure. How much time we have?
02:11-02:13 Host As much
as you want to tell us.
02:13-05:16 Guest I’ll keep it short. I don’t
want to bore anyone. I moved to Miami back in 2003. I went to school down
here, got my Bachelor’s and Master’s. While I was doing that I, um, I got
into the hobby of dancing, social dancing and also performing as a student. I
really liked that. I did it throughout my school time and eventually when I
got done with school and try my, you know, work, uh, corporate America
experience, I really quickly realized that I want to do my own thing and
having dancing as a great hobby at the time, and today, I decided to go ahead
and open a dance studio in my area where I live, which there was no dance
studio at the time around here. There was a lot of fun. I was a young kid
owning a dance studio, learning everything that comes with that.
And then 2008 happened, a great
financial situation, economy, crash, whatever you want to call it. So, we, I
see that fun just seems to generate extra income to the business at the time
from producing events, sending DVDs, private lesson, parties, uh, you name
it. We did a bunch of things and one of them was to create an event that, at
the time, because next door to my events studio there was a travel agency
promoting cruises and I’d never been on a cruise before.
We decided to put a small event
for our events studio, um, on cruise ship. Uh, I figured out that if we can
manage to have a small room where we can dance and teach some dance lesson
and have a good time, that’ll be a great occasion for everyone. That little
thing turned out to be 472 people, which I didn’t expect, word of mouth. A
lot of people that I know just spread the word and brought their students and
friends. A lot of friends of mine from the industry wanted to teach, DJ,
perform and then Aventura Dance Cruise became a real thing.
And then every year I kept on
investing more and more time into it, it kept on, we brought more artists. We
put more effort into that event. It eventually got to be a really big thing.
And I stopped what I did with the dance studio. I moved on to focus only on the
dance cruise and we charter our full ship for 2,400 people for the first time
in 2013 came after five cruises and since then, never looked back. We kept
some charter ships and in 2016 or 17 and we had two of them, one in LA, one
in Miami, same goes to 2018 and now in 2019 we have to prove this here in
Miami, one going to Cuba and one I’m going to DR and it’s just been a great,
exciting, ride. Producing events, supporting our community, promoting the
culture that we are so crazy about and love so much and keep on having a lot
of fun with a lot of fun dancers.
05:16-05:24 Host Wow. So
that’s amazing. So, you just kind of started off thinking, “Hey, it’d be fun
to do a cruise” and you had 472 people join right off the bat.
05:24-05:44 Guest Right. It was a great idea. Uh, also for me to go on
a cruise because owning the business, you have no time for yourself.
Definitely not fortification and, or you didn’t want it to go on a cruise. I
never been on a cruise before, so yeah, I said, let’s take work with me. But
that thing became audits in more than that. And um, and thank God for that.
05:44-06:34 Host I had never been on a cruise
either before I went on Aventura Dance Cruise. And I usually tell people, you
know, I love to travel, but I’m not really a cruise person. Like I always
looked at people that went on cruises, like they weren’t very adventurous. They
wanted everything be done for them. Right. So, like I would always do like,
well, I want to fly to the place that I’m going and just kind of experience
the culture in the, and the people and be able to talk to people and, and go
dancing and do all of that.
So, I really never had been on
a cruise until I heard about Aventura and I said, “Whoa, this is a
little bit different.” So, could you talk a little bit about what’s the
difference between sort of your, like your typical cruise when people think about
cruises, I know some people love them, some people hate them, right? But what
you all created with Aventura is, is really unique. So, can you talk a little
bit about your motivation to kind of keep it going and what type of
experience you want to create for people that actually attend?
06:34-09:42 Guest First of all, I always
recommend all my friends and clients to first go on a regular cruise and then
come on Aventura Dance Cruise because you cannot go the other way around. The
moment your experience a private event like Aventura Dance Cruise, it’s
really hard to go on a regular cruise and enjoy it. Especially 12 years ago,
cruises were more uh, associated with older people. They were less exciting.
But since then the trend of theme cruises kept on going tremendously, and not
just in the dance and Latin world, but also in other genres of music and just
theme cruises overall. I know there was a yoga cruise. I know there’s a Star
Wars cruise. I know there’s a Zumba cruise.
There’s like a lot of different
things but, but basically for me at the time I was a fan of congresses, going
to events and dance festivals around the country and I asked myself at some
point, “What makes it so much fun to go to these events?” and it’s,
it’s a very simple answer. Having so many people with common passions under
one roof, uh, dancing, everything is very accessible. The dancers and the
parties, the shows everything at the hotel. You get to see people more often
and it’s just an amazing experience, which I recommend until today.
Now when I saw the whole cruise
thing, I figured that would be like a congress on steroids. Meaning the same
thing that congresses provide but so much more intense because of the fact
that you are on a ship and you get to see everybody more often. Nobody’s
going sightseeing. You know exactly where everybody’s going to have lunch,
dinner and breakfast. And even when you get to see them. You get to interact
with the artists because they’re not leaving the next day. They are staying
with you for the weekends. And just the convenience of having, not just the
dance lessons and the parties and the shows in one place, but also everything
is included. Like your meals, your entertainment, your drinks, travel, your
room, everything is in one simple fee and your worry free for the rest of the
So that’s where we went with
that. And then of course slowly but surely year after year we added more
elements than just being together. Um, exciting destinations, amazing concert
artists. We raised up, raise, year after year, the level of dancers that are
coming on the cruise and never looked back.
I’m very proud of our dancers
and I think that they’re most exciting thing that we have on our cruise, ah
cruises and to hang with them. And I think this is the key is that they’re
actually attending the parties. They’re attending the dinner, the lunches,
dining all the time and, and, and being along and being a part of the event,
showing up for the VIP parties and showing up for anything that we do on the
ship. And it’s just very, very exciting to get to know them, to hang out with
them, to ask them questions, to dance with them. And again, it’s the same
concept of what makes congresses so much fun. Just a little bit more than
09:42-10:07 Host Right. Definitely. And it is really cool to be able
to see just kind of the artists hanging out where you wouldn’t think like if
you’re in a congress sometimes they might just only be in like the VIP
section or if like if you don’t know somebody that knows somebody, you just
kind of see them on stage. Right? But on the cruise, it’s like you get to see
people cause everyone, like you said, everyone’s eating at the same time.
Everyone’s kind of at the parties, everyone’s hanging out. So, you really
just get to see like an artist might be in a workshop with you.
10:07-11:21 Guest 100% and I always bring up the
fact that we do our homework as far as who do we hire, do they have the DNA
and the personality that we’re looking for somebody to be on the ship. Not
just a great talent but also a great personality. Right?
There is also something about
cruises that is hard to explain that gets people to do things that normally
they do not do and for example, I’m just going to mention some of our concert
artists at this point, we on including Chino and Nacho, Tito El Bambino, José
Alberto El Canario several times, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Victor Manuelle.
We have so many stories, like
Victor Manuelle, after his concert came off stage and just hangs around for
an hour. Just hanging and taking pictures with everybody, something that he
never does. Gilberto, when he got on the ship, we had a bunch of security
people just like guarding him and making sure that he has his space, but he
insists that “Hey guys, I don’t need you. I’m good.” And he just
walked around and took a bunch of pictures and hangs out with people. Seven
o’clock in the morning, I went to a meeting on a Friday or Saturday on the
cruise and I see El Canario coming out of one of our club dancing and having
a good time with a bunch of fans. It’s just something that you don’t get to see
unless you’re on that cruise.
11:21-12:03 Host Wow. Yeah, definitely. And I
actually caught El Canario in a workshop about the history of salsa and we’ll
get into that too, kind of talk about what’s on the itinerary of the cruise.
But yeah, he was just sitting there enjoying the workshop and I just came and
said, “Hey, puedo tomar una foto usted?” And he’s like,
“Sure.” You know? So yeah, it was really cool. Everyone is really
accessible and it’s not what you expect normally at an event. Usually you
expect the artists to be sort of separate from you. So, I really do think
that’s something that makes Aventura unique as well.
So, let’s talk about like
exactly what happens. Like let’s break down like if there is a such thing as
a typical day, because I know every event is different. What is it that goes
on? Like if I was to come on the cruise first time, never been before, what
can I expect? What’s my itinerary look like?
12:03-14:41 Guest First I’m going to start with
one of my famous things that I say every year that the best moment, ah
moments of ADC are not on the schedule. And those are the moments when you’re
not planning anything and you’re just hanging out and you take. You take the
elevator to your cabin or you just walk around and you meet people and you’re
hanging around the bar. Or you just go dancing and nothing that you planned
on it just, you know, happened and memories forever. Right?
But to answer your question,
um, generally speaking, you have dance lessons during the day. You have an
amazing dance showcase by those great and best dancers from all over the
world performing at the theater every evening dancing with the stars or a
world of dance style. You know, back to back to back performances.
And then at night you have
those amazing concerts because we believe in DJs and we have over 24 of them
playing over the weekend and they’re great. They’re the reason why we’re
dancing nonstop, but also, we’re supporting live music and we’re bringing concerts.
Every cruise we have about seven or eight concerts throughout the weekend. So
you get to enjoy that. We do singles meet and greets.
We were trying to incorporate
anything that promotes our culture and the Latin culture and the Latin music.
So, one of the things that we started having those salsa history lectures by
people with a lot of experience like Tito and Tamara, which brings so many
unique and original stories of how we got to where we are. Also, Eddie
Torres, he has a history of Mambo and he has shared his experience and people
get a chance to sit right in front of him, no stage, no nothing and ask
questions, hang around and hear about his experience and more things like
that so people can engage and learn more.
We do, we do speed dancing, which
is basically like the same concept of speed dating, just not necessarily
dating. People go and every 30 seconds, 40 seconds, we ask people to dance
with people that have never danced before or know. So people get a chance to
dance with a bunch of people in a very short time. And get to know them. We
have them with stickers with their name on it. So, you know, people get to
meet more people faster. It’s just fun.
You know, games, we have
competition, we have a casino tournament, we have different, we have Miss and
Mr. ADC. Um, we give away prizes to the theater. We have VIP parties. It’s
just nonstop. So, this is the beauty of it. We, we, we like to call it
Disneyland for dancers. You open the schedule and there’s so many options to
do and you pick whatever you feel like all levels. This is pretty much it.
14:41-15:20 Host So I like that you said
Disneyland for dancers. So, a question I have. So, I know that everyone sort
of has a different level of dance skills, right? And you mentioned earlier
sort of this dancing with the stars and I know I have friends that they know
that I dance salsa and they’re like, “Oh, like I would love to dance,
but it’s so intimidating!” Right? They don’t want to like take that
first step.
So, would you say that if I was
a complete beginner, right, maybe single, I don’t have someone that I dance
with as like a dance partner, not really confident about my dance skills, can
I still go on the cruise and have a good time?
15:20-16:45 Guest 100%. And when I say Disneyland
for dancers, just like Disney always focus on other an occasion for the
entire family, we’re focusing on a vacation for all spectrum of dance. People
in all levels. We have a bootcamp for beginners at the very beginning and we
also, uh, having classes for intermediate dancers and advanced dancers.
Also, for people that don’t
feel like dancing and they just want to learn about the history like we
talked about before and again, just like Disney and we talked about, uh, the
vacation for the entire family. It’s also for all ages.
So also, when we focus on the
parties, we have the craziest party at the back of this ship for people that
want to go, you know, dance hip hop or whatever it is. Or we also have at the
same time, at any given time, we have salsa, we have bachata. We have an old
school Mambo. We have Merengue. And then we have Cha-cha or Hot Sauce. Um,
and we have those top 40 mainstream parties where people that just want to
take a break, you know, you go on four days, five days, uh, cruise, sometimes
you want to hear something for a moment or two, three hours, that is not a
Latin music. We have that as well. We do our 80’s parties. Uh, we have themes
every night. We keep spicing things up and it’s just a lot of fun to just let
loose and you know, participate in all of these events and um, you know,
enjoy life, have a true vacation.
16:45-16:59 Host Yeah,
definitely. So, could you tell us a little bit then about the cruises that
you have planned for this year? There’s Cuba and there’s Dominican Republic.
So, can you tell us: one, the dates for the upcoming cruises, and two, why
you chose those locations this year?
16:59-18:21 Guest Yeah, 2019 is definitely one of
the most, if not the most exciting year for us. Um, we managed to get two of
the most desired destination that we always want it to go as a cruise, as a
company, with our family, with our dancers. And we’ve got both of them in one
We’re going to Cuba being the
first Caribbean charter to go to Cuba. Uh, and we’re super excited about
that. I mean, just imagine the experience, not just going to Havana, going to
Cuba, doing all of the shore excursions, but also visiting with 2,000, 1,800
dancers. So everywhere you go, in Cuba, whatever shore excursion you take,
whatever restaurant you’re going to be visiting of Havana, all of your
dancers are on too. So, this just super, super excited, exciting.
And then we’re going to the
Dominican Republic, Amber Cove, in November and for both cruises we got
amazing concert artists like, uh, Hector Acosta, El Torito, and Óscar de León
and Grupo Extra and more artists like that. So, I’m very excited. Two very
exciting cruises to two destinations that we always wanted and never went to.
And yeah, the hype, the excitement, is off the charts, it’ll be fun.
18:21-19:11 Host And that’s awesome. And you
know, I think the tie in to me for the culture is not only are you in the
cruise where you’re having this immersive experience, but then to actually go
to the places where the music comes from, right?
The home of Bachata in the
Dominican Republic and then going into Cuba, which has a long history, um,
with Salsa. So, it’s really exciting to be able to not only just sort of,
especially as someone that may be traveling from Canada or the US, that just
kind of heard about the music and hasn’t actually been to those places. But
to sort of go there with this whole experience, I think is just an awesome
idea. And I’m really excited too about, um, about those locations. And I’ve
been to both before. I’ve been to both Havana and I’ve also been to DR a few
times. But I think going on an experience like this where you’ve got sort of
the dancers with you and you’re not worried about, you know, am I going to go
to the right place? Do I know like the right clubs to go to? You, you’re kind
of bringing the party with you. So.
19:11-20:04 Guest 100%, uh, for years we went to
The Bahamas, we went to Mexico, we had amazing beach parties, sun, dancing,
sunrise parties, sunset parties, everything you can just imagine.
But now adding to that, um,
those amazing locations with so much history, um, that really blows our mind
away. This is a true all-around location and dance experience. Um, in one
weekend. Oh, and both cruises we added an extra day. We used to go Friday and
a Monday and you know, they were great, but by the time you got on the ship,
you have to pack and get off the ship, right.
And that extra day, now that we
go from Thursday to Monday, adds so much. You have another full day of
dancing, of workshops, of shows, of occasions. And that also is very
20:04-20:16 Host Very
cool. And how much time do you actually spend on the islands? So, when you’re
taking the, the cruise to Cuba and going to DR, like how much time do you
spend on the ship and how much time do you actually have to explore? Once you
get there.
20:16-20:56 Guest For Cuba, we’re getting there
at eight o’clock in the morning and we need to get back on the ship by one
o’clock at night. So, we have a full, full day. We will have shore excursions
during the day and then at night we are going to do more exciting stuff like
going to a very special location there like La Tropicana and as we sail away
from Cuba to, to see that view and dance, that will be something special.
DR, if I’m not mistaken, we are
getting there also at 10 o’clock in the morning and we leave at eight or
nine, but still more than enough time to explore, to enjoy and come back from
the ship and continue to do what we do.
20:56-21:38 Host Oh, so it sounds like it is a
full day there you get to kind of, get to experience the island air. So
that’s pretty cool.
So I want to ask you one little
thing about behind the scenes, because I know you do a lot to kind of capture
everyone’s experiences on the cruise, but I want to know from you, so I know
there’s so many moving pieces to putting on a huge event like this and doing
the cruises, the destinations, then with the artists, uh, the dancers.
What’s one of the most
surprising things that’s happened behind the scenes that people don’t really
know about, uh, that you’ve had to deal with that, uh, that goes into the
event or even something that you thought was going to go really, really wrong
that was going to be a disaster, but it turned out okay?
21:38-22:13 Guest Oh wow. Um, we’re going to need more time. Um, event production and
show business in the general, they always bring a lot of surprises in a lot
of situations. That, is, that’s what they call it show business, right? 
Back in 2013, which was the only time where we couldn’t make it to an
island, people stayed on the ship and we had a blast. When we were a group,
we got off and it was raining and people kept on dancing at a beach party and
it was one of the best moments. And we keep on evolving like that and making
sure that the cruises just keep on getting better and better.
22:13-22:57 Host So I want to switch gears now just a little bit and talk about
language. Um, and I know that there’s so many people in the Latin dance
community that love to dance, right? But they may not be Latino and they
don’t know what the words are in the songs, right? They’re listening to the
songs. They’re dancing. But they have no idea in some cases like what the
songs are about, which, on one level doesn’t matter, right? Because you’re
connecting with the feeling of the, of the music and you’re dancing, but at the
same time, and you want to kind of go a little further, like you talked about
really promoting the culture and getting people involved and really being
immersed in and promoting the culture.
So, tell us a little bit about your background and where you’re from
and what languages you speak.
22:57-25:46 Guest Sure. I was born and raised in
Israel. My, both of my parents are not from Israel. They met there and they
stayed there. My mom is Argentinian, my dad is Turkish with a Spanish
background, so he spoke Spanish as well, Latino, like they used to call it.
And I grew up in a house that I heard Spanish all the time. My grandparents,
my family, my extended family spoke only Spanish. Me, myself, I never spoke a
word, but I heard it all the time. So, it was in me, but I never got a chance
to use it.
And when I moved to Miami and a
little bit before that, when I traveled to Argentina with my family, that’s
where everything came out. I know he’s going to sound funny, but if you
really want to learn Spanish just moved to Miami. You know, Miami, there’s a
joke around here that Miami is the most developed Latin country or South
American country in the world.
Uh, again, jokes aside,
everybody speaks Spanish here, so it’s so easy to, to practice and, and to really…
cause this is what it’s all about. Practicing, practicing, practicing right,
so you can read, you can go to school, you can take a class, but then you
need to speak and you need to make mistakes and you need to sound like, like
funny. But that’s the just like dancing you, you need to go through it in
order to, in order to learn. And when I had to meet people, go dancing or do
negotiations with Latin concert artists or Latin dancers that don’t speak a
word in English. You make your way through, right?
So, so practice, learn. Now
will, you know, it’s so easy in a sense that you have you to, you have online
access to so many different classes and you can learn in so many ways. When
you hear the song that you like, you don’t need to guess anymore. You can
just go on iTunes or any other platform and read the lyrics and it’s just a
matter of putting your mind into it and, and practice. It’s a beautiful
2020 is right around the corner
and there’s a stat out there that by 2020 a third of this country is going to
speak Spanish. You know, definitely something that I highly recommend to
everybody. If you’re into Latin music, it’s even easier. You’re already
listening to the music.
One thing that I did both with
English and Spanish is you need to commit. Meaning it doesn’t matter what
language you speak if it’s easier for you. Try to focus on Spanish if you
want to learn Spanish. In a way, for example, watch only Spanish TV at home.
Watch movies in Spanish or put subtitles, uh, listen to Spanish music and
translate and go over them. Practice, practice, practice. Wherever you go,
speak with your friends, speak with anyone that speaks Spanish and ask them,
“Hey, I know it’s much easier for me to communicate in English or whatever
language. Let’s focus on, you know, make an effort and practice my Spanish.”
And then before you know it, one, two, three, four years, you’re fluent.
25:46-26:50 Host Yeah. You know, you mentioned
something earlier when you talked about growing up in a household where you
always heard Spanish but you never spoke it or you didn’t have the need to
speak it. I think it’s really interesting because I know I have a lot of friends
that are raising children. They want them to speak English and Spanish, but
because they may be in the US, if they’re not in Miami, like you said, it’s
really difficult to get people to find the need for the language.
What I’m hearing you say is when
you moved to Miami, not only from where you were, but also from just having
to talk to people, wanting to connect with people, wanting to do business,
you really created a need for yourself to have to use Spanish. So even though
you were familiar with it, you had been exposed to it, uh, you really weren’t
learning or were really weren’t using it day to day.
And I think that’s encouraging
for people out there who may think that, oh, I have to be learning Spanish
from when I’m a baby and otherwise I’ll never get it, right, like I’ll never
be fluent because I didn’t learn it from when I was little. I think you’re
proving that even when you grow up exposed to it, if you don’t take that
initiative for yourself, that you could still lose it and not really pick up
the language.
26:50-27:47 Guest Oh, 100%. And it was a need,
but it was also on want. I wanted to speak Spanish. In Miami it was just a
great thing. And beside I love the language and I have so many friends that
speak Spanish for all of my fellow parents out there that, that they have kids
and they might not respond to you in Spanish or anything like that. Uh, just
remember the one thing that kids don’t want to be is to be different. And I
was just like that. Around my friends, I hated when my mom spoke to him in
Spanish. I want you to speak, you know, like what everybody else speaks. I
don’t want to be different; kids don’t want to be different. But if you stick
to it at home or everywhere you go and you speak to your kids in the language
that you desire for them to know, it’s going slowly but surely they get it,
they keep it inside and, and hopefully one day they’re going to start using
it. Um, so don’t give up if your kids don’t want to reply to you back in
Spanish or any other language you’re trying to teach them.
27:47-27:49 Host And you also speak Hebrew too, right?
27:49-27:58 Guest Right.
Growing up in Israel, I grew up speaking Hebrew, again at home Spanish and
then when I moved to Miami, I also got my English.
27:58-28:09 Host So I’m going to switch now to do our quick fire
round and I’m just going to ask you a few questions in Spanish. Just for you
to answer off the top of your head. Pregunta número uno: ¿Cuál es tu canción
favorita en español?
Question number one: What is your
favorite song in Spanish?
28:09-28:13 Guest Perdóname, Gilberto Santa Rosa.
I’m Sorry, by Gilberto Santa
28:13-28:16 Host Ah, okay, buena canción. ¿Y quién es tu artista
okay, great song. And who is your favorite artist? 
28:16-28:18 Guest Marc
28:18-28:24 Host ¿Y
cuál es tu palabra o frase favorita en español que no tenemos en inglés?
is your favorite word or saying in Spanish that we don’t have in English?
28:24-28:26 Guest Buen provecho.
Enjoy your meal, or bon appetit.
28:26-28:44 Host Buen provecho. Ah, sí, porque creo que es más como
francés “bon appetit”. Una pregunta más: ¿Qué es algo que todo el mundo cree
que es la verdad, pero tú no estás de acuerdo?
your meal. Ah, yes, because I think it is more like the French saying “bon
appetit.” One more question: What is something that everyone thinks is true,
but you don’t agree?
28:44-28:46 Host Tienes
que pensar un poquito en esto, ¿no?
need to think about that one a little, don’t you?
28:46-29:01 Guest Sí. Hay menos mal en este mundo de que el mundo está
pensando y hay que pensar más positivo que negativo y qué viva la Salsa.
There is less bad in this world than everyone thinks and you need to think
more positively and less negatively, and long live Salsa!
29:01-29:26 Host ¡Qué viva la salsa! That’s a
good note to end it on. On that note, I’m going to close. I want to thank you
so much for your time, Moshe, for sharing with us about this wonderful
experience that you all and your team has created with the Aventura Dance
I just want to give you an
opportunity, if folks want to get more information, where can they find you
on social media and how can they sort of stay in touch and get more
information about Aventura?
live Salsa!
29:26-29:59 Guest Sure. Mosheraiser, that’s my
website, dot com. Aventura Dance Cruise in social media, and Aventura Dance
Cruise on pretty much all platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even
Snapchat. And just That’s our email. Our
phone number right there: 877-418-3931. It’s very easy to get ahold of me and
just to go to any, uh, good and big congress out there and then, and you’re
going to see me right there too.
29:59-30:08 Host Okay, perfect. Thank you. Oh, and one thing I think we forgot. What
are the dates for the cruises for 2019? So, for Cuba in Dominican Republic,
what are the dates?
30:08-30:34 Guest Yes. Uh, Cuba is coming right around the corner.
We’re going on June 6th to the 10th, 2019. It’s a Thursday to a Monday, June
6th to the 10th. And a for November, we’re going to DR on November 14th to
the 18th in 2019 and for 2020, we’re working right now on our cruises for
that year and um, we have some very exciting surprises.
30:34-30:40 Host Okay. ¡Perfecto! Okay. Thank
you so much for taking the time out to join me on Learn Spanish Con Salsa.
30:40-30:47 Guest Thank you. ¡Muchas gracias y suerte!
Thank you and best of luck!
30:47-33:46 Host I hope you enjoyed that
conversation with Moshe. Now, I have to say, as I mentioned during our
conversation, I attended Aventura Dance Cruise back in 2017 and it was
definitely nonstop. There were tons of things you could do. There are people
to talk to and if you want to practice your Spanish, you’ll definitely have
an opportunity to do that, at the destination and even with the people on the
ship. It is a pretty bilingual event. You’ll find workshops that are in
English or Spanish, but there’s always someone there sort of translating and
helping out if that’s the case.
Everyone’s just generally in a
good mood. So, it’s not hard to start a conversation with someone. And even
if you’re a complete introvert, you know, and you’re not used to sort of
being outgoing and talking to people. You don’t know when you’re in this experience,
like when you’re in a workshop, you naturally have something to talk about,
so it’s not going to seem as scary or intimidating. Even though there’s a lot
of people in the cruise, there’s a lot of different activities. So, you’ll
find that you’ll have small groups of people to talk to and it won’t be
always like one huge party.
I did promise at the beginning
of the episode that I would let you know how you can get a special discount
if you want to go to Cuba in June or to the Dominican Republic in November.
Just go to and select which location that you want to
go to and use the discount code Spanish Con Salsa when making your
reservation. So that’s Spanish, C-O-N, and the word salsa. And you’ll get up
to $100 off the cruise depending on which cabin you select.
Now if you’re interested in
going to Cuba, I’d hop on that right away because the last time I checked
it’s almost sold out. I believe it was like at 92% when I checked last. And
by the time you hear this and maybe you know more than that, so definitely
check to get all of the details.
So that is it for this episode
of Learn Spanish Con Salsa. As always. I hope that this has helped you get
one step closer from being a beginner to bilingual.
I want to just give you one
quick reminder. Today is the last day of the April giveaway, so if you want
to be eligible for the prize, click the link in the show notes and leave a
review on iTunes. We love to hear from you. We’d love to get your ratings and
reviews and lets us know that you’re enjoying what you’re listening to and
also what you went to hear more of on the show. So
learnspanishconsalsacom/Aventura to get the notes for this episode. And
you’ll see a link in there that says leave a review and it’ll take you right
to iTunes automatically so you don’t have to go search for it and try to
figure that out. Okay, so and you’ll also
see some more information about the cruises. So you can select which one you
want to go to. You see a list of artists that will be in Cuba versus
Dominican Republic. And you’ll really get to get an idea for what the
itinerary for Aventura Dance Cruise is for this year. Okay. So that’s it for
me. Qué tengas un buen día. Adios.
Have a
great day! Bye.

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Moshe Rasier


Instagram: @aventuradancecruise


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  • Aventura Dance Cruise Save $50 when you mention the discount code SPANISHCONSALSA at the time of booking
  • Moshe’s Favorite Song: Perdóname by Gilberto Santa Rosa

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