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Episode 63: 3 Spanish Immersion Mini-Missions You Can Try at Home

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    Episode 63

    3 Spanish Immersion Mini-Missions You Can Try at Home

    Do you want to immerse your Spanish but you’re afraid to travel because of the COVID-19 corona virus?

    Or maybe your budget and schedule just don’t allow for a 3-month full immersion trip to Latin America right now.

    In this episode, I’ll give you 3 simple Spanish immersion mini-missions you can do right now. These are actionable tips that will give you practical experience using the Spanish language in your daily life.

    Which Spanish immersion mini-mission are you going to try this week? DM me on instagram @learnspanishconsalsa and let me know, or post to our Facebook group.

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    How to Change Your GPS to Spanish

    Google Maps

    1) Open the Google Maps app

    2) Select your profile icon or picture

    3) Go to Settings

    4) Go to Navigation settings

    5) Select Español from the menu


    1) Open the Waze App

    2) Select the Search icon on the bottom of the screen

    3) Select the Settings icon in the top left of the screen

    4) Go to General under the Settings menu

    5) Select Language in the General menu

    6) Select Español (A. Latina) from the Language menu

    7) Select the Aceptar button and restart the app

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