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Episode 113: The Black Expat: City Life in Mexico (Interview with Adalia Aborisade)

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    The Black Expat: City Life in Mexico (Interview with Adalia Aborisade)

    Adalia Aborisade is not your typical expat.

    She left the US in 2016 and moved with her daughter and dog to Honduras. She has since settled in Mexico City, opting to retire to city life instead of white sand beaches.

    In our conversation, Adalia shares her experiences living abroad while Black, what happened when she had to interact with the police in Mexico City, how to have a realistic expectation for job opportunities, and the real cost of a comfortable life for expats in Mexico.

    Adalia is a financial life coach who helps women master their money so they can travel, move abroad, or do whatever their heart desires. She shares her experiences as a serial expat/world traveler on the blog Picky Girl Travels the World.

    She also hosts the Picky Girl Travels Podcast to validate, motivate, and inspire other Black women yearning to live life on their terms.

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