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Cuban Spanish 101

Your Bilingual Guide to the Words and Expressions of Cuba

Cuban Spanish 101

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Traveling to Cuba? Do you have friends from the island? Get the insider’s guide to decode 120+ Cuban Spanish slang words and expressions. A bilingual guide (Spanish and English) with examples of the words used in context. Don’t step foot in Havana or Miami without this book!


Dominican Spanish 101

Your Complete Bilingual Guide to the Unique Words and Expressions of the Dominican Republic

Dominican Spanish 101

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What is unique about Spanish in the Dominican Republic? Why do other native Spanish speakers struggle to understand their dialect? This guide answers these questions and uncovers 200+ uniquely Dominican Spanish words and expressions with definitions and examples in English and Spanish.

Puerto Rican Spanish 101

Your Complete Bilingual Guide to the Unique Spanish Spoken in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Spanish 101

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Puerto Rico is a Spanish-speaking island in the Caribbean with an unmistakably rich and welcoming culture. The Spanish spoken by boricuas is distinct and unique, and you didn’t learn it in your Spanish class. This guide contains over 150 uniquely Puerto Rican words and expressions with definitions and examples in both Spanish and English. If you plan to visit PR, or want to be able to talk to the over 5 million Puerto Ricans that live in the mainland United States, you’ll want to have this book on hand.


Guide to Successful Language Exchanges

A Language Learner’s Guide to Effective Conversation Practice in Any Language

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{ Kindle }

One of the problems reported most often by language learners is the lack of opportunities to practice speaking their target language on a regular basis. More than video courses, textbooks, and group classes, having one-on-one conversations with another person has been reported as the most effective language learning activity. With all of the apps and websites full of language learners, why is it still so hard to have an effective language exchange?

Whether the concept of a language exchange is new to you, or you’ve tried to start one before, this guide will help you have effective language exchanges and improve your conversation skills in your target language.

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