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Why You Should Never Talk to Bilingual Spanish Speakers

Whether you’ve just started learning Spanish or have been at it for some time, getting Spanish conversation practice is tremendously helpful in making progress.  Experience using the language will improve your ability to hold a conversation confidently. But to do this, you’ll need someone to talk to. There are many opinions on the best way […]

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Did You Hear Me? What to do When Native Speakers Respond to You in English

I used to get insulted when someone spoke to me in English when I was obviously speaking Spanish.  I was instantly appalled when my “Hola!” was greeted with a “Hi, how are you?” I remember thinking, can’t they hear the words coming out of my mouth?  Do they think I really don’t know the language? […]


How to Get the Most out of for Conversational Spanish Practice

Last Sunday I stumbled upon a Spanish meetup 10 minutes from my house.  I was so excited to go because it was super convenient and it was a way to practice speaking on a day I really hadn’t planned on studying anyway (bonus!). I love overall.  You can find people almost everywhere that share […]