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Dominican Spanish 101: Guide to Dominican Slang and Expressions from Vaina to Qué Lo Que

What does it mean when Dominicans say vaina or qué lo que? Here is your quick guide to Dominican Spanish and Slang The Dominican Republic, or República Dominicana, is a remarkably beautiful country.  Named Quisqueya (meaning “mother of all lands”) by the indigenous people, it shares an island with modern day Haiti to its west. […]

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Cuban Spanish 101: Cuban Slang, Phrases, and Expressions from Asere to Yuma

Planning a trip to the beautiful island of Cuba? Or maybe you want to understand the slang used by your Cuban friends when you hear things like Asere or Yuma (no, Google translate won’t help you.) Well you’ve come to the right place.  I’ll break down the unique way Cubans speak Spanish, and give you […]