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5 Ways to Say “Thank You” in Spanish

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    You probably already know how to say thank you in Spanish.  After you have had a few conversations in Spanish, you may feel like it’s dull if you are always saying the same thing over and over again.

    Although “gracias” is an important staple in your vocabulary, there are other phrases you can use to express gratitude.

    If you really want to sound more like a native speaker, try sprinkling a few of these into your conversations.

    1) Perfecto Perfect

    Vengo mañana con el libro.

    – Perfecto

    I will come with the book tomorrow.

    – Perfect.

    2) Te lo agradezcoI appreciate it.

    Mañana te compro café.

    – Ay, te lo agradezco mucho.

    Tomorrow I will buy you coffee.

    – Oh, I really appreciate it.

    3) Mil graciasThanks a million.  

    Aquí está tu comida favorita.

    –¡Mil gracias!

    Here is your favorite food.

    – Thanks a million!

    Note: The word “mil” in Spanish is actually one thousand, but “Thank a million” is the equivalent English expression.

    4) Con gracias repetidas Thank you again.

    Ya pagué la cuenta.

    Con gracias repetidas.

    I already paid the bill.

    – Thank you again.

    5) Con gracias anticipadas Thank you in advance.

    Mañana arreglo tu carro.

    – Con gracias anticipadas.

    Tomorrow I will fix your car.

    – Thank you in advance.


    Hopefully these phrases will help you add a little variety to your Spanish conversation.  Be sure to subscribe below if you’d like more Spanish learning tips, and view the rest of our Conversational Spanish Series here.



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