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Episode 111: [Q&A] How Can My Family Learn Spanish Together?

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    Episode 111

    Q&A: How Can My Family Learn Spanish Together?

    In this episode, I’m answering a listener question that you may have been thinking about lately. Christen asked how she can learn Spanish with her husband and two daughters. I give 5 tips for how to learn Spanish as a family, ideas for activities in Spanish you can do together, and several resources to help you get started.

    Learning Spanish as a Family

    Resources mentioned in this episode

    Read together in Spanish

    How to 10X Your Vocabulary with Audiobooks in Spanish

    Bilingual Children’s Stories

    Play games in Spanish together as a family



    Table Topics

    Monopoly Jr.

    Listen to the Spanish Alphabet Song with Your Children

    Listen to Spanish Nursery Rhymes with Your Children

    Watch Spanish Movies and Shows with Your Children

    Available on Yabla with Transcripts, Vocabulary, and Scribe listening comprehension game

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