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Episode 191: Learn Spanish Adjectives with Music Las Caras Lindas by Ismael Rivera

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    Learn Spanish Adjectives with Music: Las Caras Lindas by Ismael Rivera

    It’s Black History Month here in the United States, so in this episode we’re focusing on Afro-Latino culture 🌴

    We talk about the song Las Caras Lindas by Ismael Rivera, a famous singer from Puerto Rico.

    So let’s take a look at the song lyrics while we learn a little about history and music! 🎶

    In this episode you’ll learn:

    • A common mistake most Spanish learners make with masculine and feminine words 🗨
    • How to describe people (or groups of people) in Spanish the right way 👥
    • The correct word order to use when describing things in Spanish 🔄

    Examples from the Episode

    El cara linda

    La cara linda

    The pretty face

    ❌ Gentes

    ✅ Gente

    People – Like in English, we don’t pluralize people

    ❌ Mi gente negro

    ✅ Mi gente negra

    My black people

    Gente is feminine

    Resources Mentioned in this Episode

    Song Featured in this Episode

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