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Episode 146: Learn Spanish Numbers with Music [Conteo Regresivo]

    learn spanish numbers with music
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    Episode 146

    Learn Spanish Numbers with Music [Conteo Regresivo]

    Almost everyone knows to count from 1 to 10 in Spanish–before they even learned the language.

    In this episode, we’ll review useful vocabulary related to numbers in Spanish with the salsa song Conteo Regresivo by Gilberto Santa Rosa.

    A few notes about large numbers:

    In Latin America, the decimal point (punto) is used in place of the comma.

    For example:

    In the United States we would write 3,000 (Three thousand)

    In Latin America, it would be written 3.000 (Tres mil)

    Here is an example of a large number with money:

    $3,000.30 (Three thousand dollars and 30 cents)

    3.000,30 (Tres mil dólares y treinta centavos)


    Gilberto Santa Rosa Cruise

    Song Featured in this Episode

    Conteo Regresivo by Gilberto Santa Rosa

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