Learn Spanish with Inmortal by Romeo Santos feat. Aventura (Lyrics in Spanish and English)

Inmortal Letra Lyrics in English
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Tu grupo favorito

Your favorite group


Nadie entiende como este amor funciona

Nobody understands how this love works

No se quiebra, no se doble, nada lo destroza

It doesn’t break, it doesn’t bend, nothing destroys it

Les presto mi cerebro, que examinen

I´ll lend them my brain, examine it

Anularte de mi mente, ni quemando mis neuronas

To delete you from my mind, not even burning my neurons

First Chorus

Mami, yo te amo hasta lo infinito

Mami, I love you to infinity

Solido como un meteorito

Solid as a meteorite

Lo que siento jamás lo van a entender

What I feel they will never understand

Dura, los expertos buscan la cura

It endures, the experts are looking for a cure

Porque te quiero con locura

Because I love you madly

Desconfían que sea humano mujer

They doubt that I’m human

First Verse

Me someto a la ciencia con demoras

I reluctantly submit myself to science

En mi la testosterona solo se activa por ti

The testosterone in me only is only activated because of you

Vengan, háganme un estudio cerebral

Come, do a study on my brain

Porque mi conducta no es normal

Because my behavior isn’t normal

Y este corazón Dios lo hizo eterno

And God made this heart eternal

Sepan que este sentimiento es inmortal

Know that this feeling is immortal

En el libro Guinness va a parar

It's going to end up in the Guinness Book of World Records

“Hombre que más ama de una hembra”

“Male that loves a woman the most”

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