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Lupa Challenge Day 3

It’s time to re-listen to the story, but this time with a different focus:

Your Actions for Today:

1) Listen to the story at a slower speed

2) Identify words that are unfamiliar to you (new vocabulary)

3) Let me know how many new words and phrases you identified in the story in the comments below:

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7 thoughts on “Lupa Challenge Day 3”

  1. Hi!
    Originally, I responded that I would do Lupa. But decided to do World Market Travel-Raul nos habla Mexico in Yabla.
    The words I chose are:
    Los Chiles

  2. Here are the words/phrases that I was unsure of: vaciΓ³s, a travΓ©s de, cargaban, hacendados, en carne propria, calurosos, henequΓ©n.

    The good thing is that if you use the spanish transcript and click on the unknown word, Yabla will move them into “flashcard” and you can practise with them.

  3. I made a small list of eight new words and phrases. There are definately more to add but thought I’dconcentrate on learning these ones that stood out to me.

    se le ha pegado

    se dedicaban
    botar la toalla
    termino siendo

    as i learn all the features of lupa, it will be easy to mark off these new words.

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