Learn Spanish Con Salsa Episode 60

Episode 60: Learn Spanish with Reggaeton Music [Corazón]

Episode 60 Learn Spanish with Reggaeton Music: Corazón Song Breakdown with Desta Haile, Languages through Music In this episode, we’re translating the lyrics to a bilingual reggaeton hit with Desta Haile from Languages through Music.  We give you a breakdown of the meaning of the song Corazón by Maluma featuring Brazilian artist Nego do Borel.  […]


Episode 59: Effective Language Learning Habits and Venezuelan Spanish

Episode 59 Effective Language Learning Habits and Venezuelan Spanish Interview with Mari Polyglot In this episode, I interview polyglot Mari Salvestrini.  Mari is originally from Venezuela and speaks Spanish, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, and German.  In our conversation, Mari shares her advice for creating effective habits for language learning and enjoy the learning process. She […]


Episode 16: Learn Spanish on Autopilot

Episode 16 How to Learn Spanish on Autopilot Stop setting goals and do this instead Do you struggle to stay on track with improving your Spanish?  Have you started learning on one app, only to quit when it got boring, and then later started another program and then stopped that too because you got busy?  In this episode, we’re going to talk about how to […]

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Too Busy to Learn Spanish? Try These 5 Time-Saving Tips

This article is a guest post by Shannon Kennedy of Eurolinguiste: a website dedicated to sharing language and travel tips. “I’m too busy.” It’s a complaint I hear often. Usually from people who have always wanted to learn a language but haven’t found the time. And admittedly, I even hear it from those who are […]


How to Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Goal of Spanish Fluency

When people see me and find out I’m a US-born Black female that appears to know Spanish, I often get a puzzled look followed by the question (asked as if they already know the answer)… “Eres (are you) Latina?” When I answer “No.” they look both relieved and confused. Black people are equally as confused.  I’ve […]