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Episode 185: There’s No Perfect Time to Get Fluent [A Conversation with Phillip Hargrove]

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    Episode 185

    There’s No Perfect Time to Get Fluent: How Phillip Started Speaking Spanish in Less Than 90 Days

    If you’re looking for the right time to dedicate to achieving Spanish fluency, you need to hear Phillip Hargrove’s story. In this episode, he explains why he decided to take the leap on coaching and how the program’s personalized approach forced him to rapidly improve his conversational fluency in Spanish.

    Phillip shares how he went from learning Spanish on Duolingo and not being comfortable with speaking Spanish to easily having a 30-minute conversation with a native Spanish speaker in less than 90 days. This was despite facing several challenges during the 12-week program that most Spanish learners think would knock them off course.

    From this episode you’ll learn:

    • Why now is the perfect time to commit to speaking Spanish fluently
    • How to get comfortable speaking Spanish by stepping outside of your comfort zone
    • Why the conversational method used in Spanish Language Coaching is the best way to correct your grammar mistakes

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