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Stop Saying Sí: 10 Ways to Express Agreement in Spanish

    best way to learn spanish
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    I’m sure you already know how to say yes in Spanish, but nothing causes a conversation to fizzle faster than short, abrupt, one-word answers.

    When you are first learning Spanish, your natural desire will be to respond with what you are comfortable saying- sí, no, gracias.

    However, if you want to step up your game and venture into a truly meaningful conversation, you have to step out of the comfort zone.

    Although “sí” is a great starting point, there are many other ways to express agreement in Spanish.

    Here are a few commonly used phrases and examples of how to use them:

    1) ClaroOf course, clearly

    ¿Quieres ir al cine mañana?

    –¡Claro, vamos!

    Do you want to go to the movies tomorrow?

    – Of course, let’s go!

    2) Creo que síI think so. (Literally: I believe that yes).

    ¿Amalia viene a la fiesta?

    – Creo que sí.

    Is Amalia coming to the party?

    – I think so.

    3) ExactoExactly.

    ¿Así que te gusta correr más que jugar fútbol?


    So you like to run more than play soccer?

    – Exactly.

    4) Así es That’s right.

    ¿Tu hermana viene a visitar mañana?

    –¡Así es!

    Your sister is coming to visit tomorrow?

    – That’s right!

    5) Supongo que síI guess so. (Literally: I suppose that yes)

    ¿Está bien si comemos pizza hoy?

    –Supongo que sí.

    Is it ok if we eat pizza today?

    I guess so.

    6) Estoy de acuerdoI agree.

    Yo creo que Pablo está enojado con su novia.

    –Estoy de acuerdo. ¡Ni hablaron!

    I think Pablo is mad at his girlfriend.

    –I agree. They didn’t even talk!

    best way to learn spanish

    7) Tienes razón  You’re right.

    Este programa es muy aburrido.

    –¿Tienes razón, hacemos algo más?

    This show is really boring.

    – You’re right, should we do something else?

    8) Está bien →  That’s fine, OK

    ¿Te llamo mañana a las 8?

    –Está bien.

    Can I call you tomorrow at 8?

    –That’s fine.

    9) Por supuestoOf course.

    ¿Vas a cenar conmigo?

    –¡Por supuesto!

    Are you going to eat dinner with me?

    – Of course!

    10) Sin duda → Without a doubt.

    Si corro 5 millas hoy me van a doler las piernas.

    –Sin duda.

    If I run 5 miles my legs will hurt.

    – Without a doubt.


    Next time you want to say “sí,” try one of these phrases instead.

    You will have a more natural conversation in Spanish and sound more like a native speaker.


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