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Episode 41: The 5 Ways to Say You in Spanish

    The 5 Ways to Say You in Spanish
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    Learn Spanish Con Salsa Podcast

    Episode 41

    The 5 Ways to Say YOU in Spanish

    Did you know there are 5 different ways to say “you” in Spanish? 

    Listen to this episode to find out what they all are, and more importantly, when and where you should use them. 

    Even if you already think you know, you’ll probably be surprised by at least one of these forms of the word you.

    La Diabla / Mi Santa (The Devil / My Saint) por Romeo Santos feat. Tomatito

    “Mi devoción por vos siempre pondré primero.” (04:29)

    I’ll always put my devotion for you first.

    Porque eres mi santa solamente creo en dios. Y en vos. (05:37)

    Because you are my saint I only believe in god. And in you.

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