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Episode 51: El atajo para mejorar tu comprensión auditiva

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    Learn Spanish Con Salsa Podcast

    Episode 51

    El atajo para mejorar tu comprensión auditiva

    The Shortcut to Improve Your Listening Comprehension

    This episode is provided in both Spanish and English

    Most Spanish learners struggle with listening comprehension.  It can be so difficult that it leaves them feeling frustrated and hopeless.  If you’re going to overcome this problem, you need a plan that works.  Put these steps into practice and you will see progress in a short time.

    This is part 4 of our Spanish language learner’s goal-setting series.  This series is designed to help you make rapid progress with your Spanish study and prepare for the upcoming year with effective goals that motivate you to move forward.  Make 2020 the year you get fluent in Spanish! 

    • Yabla (Videos with subtitles and Scribe dictation game)
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