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47 Authentic News Sites for Instant Spanish Immersion

how to become fluent in spanish without immersion
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When you are learning Spanish, reading authentic news and current events is one of the best ways to improve your Spanish.

By immersing yourself in real-world Spanish, you will begin to naturally learn new words, sentence structures, and most importantly about the culture and current events in Spanish-speaking communities.

Not only will you improve your vocabulary and command of the language, you will be up-to-date on what’s going on in the world which will enhance your ability to have interesting conversations.

Thanks to the internet, authentic reading materials from around the world are available right at your fingertips.

Get the latest articles and follow these news sources on social media to stay informed and learn with new Spanish learning materials every day.

I’ve compiled an exhaustive list of Spanish news sources you can use to boost your Spanish learning.  You’ll definitely find something appropriate for your Spanish level and interests.

Traditional News for Beginners

Reading in Spanish can be overwhelming in the beginning.  For beginners, these news sites are perfect because they all have the option to switch over to the English version of the site in case you get stuck.


  1. El País


A global newspaper that covers news, current events, sports, television and more


  1. El Nuevo Herald


Spanish version of the Miami Herald newspaper


  1. New York Times in Spanish


If you are an avid reader of the NY Times, look no further. It’s the same news you love, only in Spanish.


  1. BBC Mundo


BBC news in Spanish


  1. CNN Español


You can choose CNN Spain, Mexico, or US for country-specific news in Spanish.

  1. Euronews


Europe-based online international news and current events


  1. News in Slow Spanish


This website provides weekly news in slow, easy to understand Spanish. You can read the transcript while listening to the audio. Unfortunately, you can only access little snippets for free.


News for Spanish Learners

These websites are designed to provide news and cultural information in an easily digestable format for langauge learners:

  1. Los Veinte Mundos


A magazine focused on culture and life in Spanish speaking countries. The articles are labeled intermediate or advanced, offer a summary, vocabulary support and an audio version of each article.


  1. Spanish Audio Gazette


This site offers audio clips of cultural news and information categorized by the country of the speaker.


  1. Ver Taal


This site has sample movie trailers, reports, and cultural information with transcripts to follow along

Pop Culture News

Maybe traditional news isn’t your thing . If you keep up with pop culture and celebrity news, here are some options for you:

  1. Noticias Telemundo


News site for the broadcasting network


  1. Univision


TV network website featuring pop culture and entertainment news


  1. TVE


Live and recorded news and TV from Spain


  1. Radio Formula


This site features podcasts, music, TV and news articles based in Mexico


  1. Cuore


A typical gossip magazine


  1. Lecturas


A nice mixture of news and pop culture


  1. Revista Caras


News about famous Latinos from around the world



If you already have a favorite magazine, chances are, you can find the Spanish version of that same publication online.  Here are the Spanish versions of some popular magazines:

  1. Vogue Español



  1. People Español



  1. Cosmopolitan



  1. GQ




For all the sports fans out there, there is a plethora of Spanish news for you. Keep in mind that fútbol (soccer) is king in the Spanish-speaking world, so that will be the main topic of most sports sites.

  1. ESPN Deportes



  1. Fox Deportes



  1. Televisa Deportes



Traditional News for Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Learners

If you are an intermediate-level learner or higher, you can dive right in and read local newspapers. Many Latino communities in the United States have community newspapers, especially in larger cities.

You can also find national news sites based in Spain and Latin America. This is a compilation of well-known newspapers from different countries:

  1. La Crónica de Hoy


News from Mexicali, Mexico


  1. El Mundo


Spanish based but very popular for online information in Spanish


  1. La Nación Argentina


Newspaper from Argentina


  1. La Nación Costa Rica


Costa Rican national newspaper


  1. La Nación Colombia


National news from Colombia


  1. 20 Minutos


Short and concise Spanish news


  1. El Informador


News from Jalisco, Mexico


  1. El Comercio


Peru-based newspaper


  1. La Semana


Colombia-based news


  1. El Caribe


Newspaper based in the Dominican Republic


  1. El Nuevo Día


Newspaper of record in Puerto Rico


  1. El Vocero


Puerto Rican daily newspaper

  1. Clarín


Daily news from Argentina

  1. El Heraldo

Daily newspaper published in the Honduras



  1. Extra

Daily news from Paraguay



  1. Hoy


Pop culture news based in Nicaragua


  1. La Voz


National news from Venezuela


  1. Juventud Rebelde


Daily newspaper run by young people in Cuba

  1. La Patria


Daily news from Bolivia


  1. La Hora


National newspaper from Ecuador


  1. La Cuarta


Daily Pop Culture Newsmagazine from Chile


    1. Perú 21


Newspaper based in Lima, Peru

  1. La Prensa


News from El Salvador

Hopefully this list will help you find reading material that keeps you engaged, interested and reading in Spanish on a regular basis.

If you have trouble understanding the articles at first, try printing them out and adding notes, translations, or summaries to help you get the hang of reading in a second language. The more you practice, the easier it will become.



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