Learn Spanish Con Salsa Podcast: All Episodes

Learn Spanish Con Salsa Podcast: All Episodes

  • Episode 89 Learn Spanish with Salsa Music [Cali Pachanguero] In this episode, you'll learn new vocabulary from the salsa song Cali Pachanguero by Alberto Barros. We'll explore a few uses of the subjunctive, and different ways to use the word “que” in Spanish. Get the full lyrics to the song, plus translation and quizzes, at

  • Episode 87 ¿Para qué? vs. ¿Por qué? con la canción Periódico de Ayer You probably learned there are 5 question words: who (quién), what (qué), where (dónde), when (cuándo), and why (por qué). But did you know that there are actually 2 ways to ask the question WHY in Spanish? In this episode, we'll explore

  • Episode 86 Learn Spanish Reflexive Verbs with Music: No Hago Más Na' This week, we'll be answering another listener question: what's the best way to spend my Spanish study time? Learn how to use reflexive verbs to describe your daily routine in Spanish with the lyrics to the song No Hago Más Na by El

  • Episode 85 From Beginner to Conversational Fluency in 90 Days (Interview with Ryan Chindavong) Do you freeze up when talking to a native Spanish speaker? Is it hard to find someone to speak to in Spanish where you live? If you're struggling to reach conversational fluency in Spanish, or feel nervous about talking to native

  • Episode 84 What's the Best Way to Spend My Spanish Study Time? [Q&A] This week, we'll be answering another listener question: what's the best way to spend my Spanish study time? Whether you have 10 hours a week or just 15 minutes a day, it's important to know the best way to use your Spanish

  • Episode 83 Dominican Spanish Greetings [Introducing the Dominican Spanish 101 Podcast] We're excited to feature the premiere episode of the Dominican Spanish 101 podcast. Tamara and Kesia will share common greetings you'll hear in the Dominican Republic (hint it's not ¿Cómo está usted?). You'll also learn a few phrases you can use to respond so

  • Episode 82 Learn Spanish Expressions with Salsa Music [La vida es un carnaval] Learn how to use the word ‘hay' in Spanish with the lyrics to the song La vida es un carnaval by Celia Cruz. We'll review several expressions that use hay from the song, and some ways you can incorporate them into your

  • Episode 81 How to Get Started Raising Bilingual Children, Interview with Dr. Kami Anderson (Bilingual Brown Babies) If you're an adult learning Spanish, you might regret that you didn't start when you were younger. And if you have children of your own, you may want them to grow up bilingual so they have an advantage

  • Episode 80 Q&A: How do I understand the natural speed of Spanish? In this episode, I answer a listener question about how to understand Spanish when it's spoken at a natural, conversational pace. I review the 6 stages of listening comprehension and what to expect during each phase. I also explain which strategies are the

  • Episode 79 7 Cuban Expressions from the Telenovela Celia Learn 7 Cuban Expressions from the first episode of the telenovela about iconic Afro Cuban salsa singer Celia Cruz. You'll also learn the lyrics to the opening song, and my best tips for learning Spanish with TV series and telenovelas like Celia. Aprende 7 expresiones cubanas

  • Episode 78 15 Africanismos en el idioma español ¿Sabías que hay palabras españolas que vienen de África? Y que, además, el español es un idioma oficial de Guinea Ecuatorial, que queda en la costa oeste de África. En el episodio de hoy, hablamos sobre los africanismos–palabras africanas que aparecen en el idioma español. Did you

  • Episode 77 Un cubano con pasión por los viajes (entrevista con Andy Guitierraz de Arriba de la bola) En este episodio, les traigo una entrevista con Andy Guitierraz. Él es Youtuber, tiene un canal llamado Arribadelabola, el cual tiene que ver con sus viajes por todo el mundo. Andy es de Cuba, así que hablamos

  • Episode 76 Learn Spanish Expressions with Salsa Music [Valió la Pena] Learn Spanish expressions with the salsa song Valió la Pena by Marc Anthony. This is an upbeat song that's fun to dance to, plus you'll learn some useful expressions you can use in daily conversation. I also give a few tips to understanding Puerto

  • Episode 75 5 Rookie Mistakes Spanish Beginners Should Avoid Do you feel like you'll always be a beginner? Or have you been learning Spanish but are still too embarrassed to speak Spanish? It may be because your current learning strategy is keeping you stuck at the dreaded beginner phase. In this episode, I explain 5

  • Episode 74 Explore Latin American Culture through Stories Pt. II (Interview with Carolina Quiroga, Tres Cuentos) In this episode, I interview Carolina Quiroga–storyteller, performer, author, and host of the bilingual podcast Tres Cuentos. Tres Cuentos explores historical and literary narratives of Latin America. Last year, the podcast was mentioned by Oprah magazine as one of

  • Episode 73 Explore Latin American Culture through Stories (Interview with Carolina Quiroga, Tres Cuentos) In this episode I interview Carolina Quiroga–storyteller, performer, author, and host of the bilingual podcast Tres Cuentos. Tres Cuentos explores historical and literary narratives of Latin America. Last year, the podcast was mentioned by Oprah magazine as one of the best

  • Episode 72 What do the Spanish Words ‘Vaya' and ‘Sea' Mean? [Q&A] In Learn Spanish Con Salsa Podcast, our listeners' useful questions are always welcome. They can also help other listeners learn even more about Spanish. In this espisode, I focus on an interesting question from Alice. She asks: “I am wondering if you might

  • Episode 71 How to Stop Mixing Up Masculine and Feminine Words Is it a bit confusing choosing either the right article “la” or “el” to preceed a noun in Spanish? How do you identify and decide which one to use? In Spanish, nouns are either masculine or feminine. It is easy to picture gender when

  • Episode 70 5 Quick Tips to Reboot Your Spanish Study Routine Have you been feeling that your motivation is decreasing recently? Maybe you feel as if your study routine has turned completely upside down these days and that makes you feel… bored. There's nothing to worry about. It is totally normal to feel a little

  • Episode 69 10 Tricky False Friends Every Spanish Learner Should Know Have you ever read or listened to a word in Spanish that sounds or seems really similar to a word in English? Have you also wondered if that word actually means the same thing in both languages?Well, sometimes they do, but sometimes they differ

  • Episode 68 Learn Spanish and Travel the World (Interview with Jim & May from Spanish and Go) In this episode, I interview Jim and May from Spanish and Go. We talk about how they met, why they started Spanish and Go, and how they're adjusting to life since they moved to Puerto Rico. They also

  • Episode 67 Aprende español con la música: Bajo la tormenta Let's learn Spanish with an uplifting salsa song by Salsa Giants called Bajo la tormenta (Under the Storm).  We'll explore how to use el que in Spanish with the letra (lyrics) from the song's chorus. I'll also give a few phrases you can use in

  • Episode 66 Conversación: Las diferencias entre Colombia y Venezuela [Nivel intermedio] In this episode, we're going to listen to a conversation between Laura (from Colombia) and Lino (from Venezuela). They talk about the differences between the culture, food, and life in the 2 countries. This conversation comes from our friends at Español en 3000. To

  • Spanish in Latin America vs. Spain

    Episode 65 What is the Difference Between Spanish in Latin America vs. Spain? In this episode, we're going to explore the differences between how Spanish is spoken in Spain and Latin America. Learn the pronunciation and vocabulary differences in this conversation with Carlos (from Colombia) and Xavi (from Barcelona).  Get the full transcript of their

  • Learn Spanish with the Narcos Theme Song

    Episode 64 Aprende español con la música: pronombres posesivos con el tema musical de Narcos If you're stuck in the house, now is the perfect time to improve your Spanish.  After you binge watch some Spanish-language shows on Netflix, check out this week's episode of the podcast where I break down the lyrics to one

  • Episode 63 3 Spanish Immersion Mini-Missions You Can Try at Home Do you want to immerse your Spanish but you're afraid to travel because of the COVID-19 corona virus? Or maybe your budget and schedule just don't allow for a 3-month full immersion trip to Latin America right now. In this episode, I'll give you

  • What to do when you feel stuck with your Spanish progress

    Episode 62 What Should I Do When I Feel Stuck with My Spanish Progress? [Q&A] Are you stuck in a rut with your language learning?  Not sure what to do next?  In this episode, I give 4 steps to get unstuck and start making real progress towards Spanish fluency.   Related Links: Bachata ParadiseEpisode 52: The

  • Learn Spanish Con Salsa Podcast Episode 61

    Episode 61 Learn Spanish through Immersion Interview with Jessica Taylor, For the Love of Bachata Do you have to move to a Spanish-speaking country to achieve Spanish fluency? In this episode,  I sit down with Jessica Taylor, widely known as DJ Tay, who shares how immersion helped her improve her conversational Spanish fluency beyond formal

  • Learn Spanish Con Salsa Episode 60

    Episode 60 Learn Spanish with Reggaeton Music: Corazón Song Breakdown with Desta Haile, Languages through Music In this episode, we're translating the lyrics to a bilingual reggaeton hit with Desta Haile from Languages through Music.  We give you a breakdown of the meaning of the song Corazón by Maluma featuring Brazilian artist Nego do Borel. 

  • Episode 59 Effective Language Learning Habits and Venezuelan Spanish Interview with Mari Polyglot In this episode, I interview polyglot Mari Salvestrini.  Mari is originally from Venezuela and speaks Spanish, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, and German.  In our conversation, Mari shares her advice for creating effective habits for language learning and enjoy the learning process. She

  • Episode 58 Learn Spanish with Bachata Music Vocales de amor In this episode, we'll be reviewing the lyrics of one of my favorite bachata songs by Joan Soriano: Vocales de amor (Vowels of Love). Learn how reflexive verbs are used in Spanish and the differences between the present continuous in both languages. Full song with

  • Episode 57 Learn Spanish with Merengue Music Tu sonrisa Learn how to use verbs like gustar and other Spanish expressions from the lyrics to the song Tu sonrisa by Elvis Crespo. You'll also learn about a different genre of Latin music from the Caribbean Full song with lyrics & translation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVqLuiBk3Fo Vocabulary Review

  • Episode 56 Episode 56: Learn Spanish with Salsa Music Todo tiene su final In this episode, I'm sharing the lyrics to one of my favorite salsa songs: Todo tiene su final by Hector Lavoe and Willie Colón. You'll learn new vocabulary from the song lyrics and how to use possessives in Spanish. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mburspsWokc Full

  • Episode 55 The Top 7 Funniest Stories of 2019 [One Year Anniversary Episode!] In this episode, we share this funniest stories from the podcast over the past year. Thanks for listening and subscribing to the show! We hope to continue bringing you more valuable content in the years to come.

  • Episode 54

    Episode 54 Q&A: How Do I Think in Spanish and Stop Translating in My Head? In this episode, I'm answering a listener question about how to think in Spanish and stop translating in your head. I also give advice on how to find people to practice Spanish with and share some resources to learn Dominican Spanish. Links & Resources Sign up for the Speak Spanish Now

  • Episode 53

    Episode 53 Q&A: Help! I'm Married to a Native Spanish Speaker In this episode, I'm answering a listener question about how to pick the right approach and resources for you to learn Spanish. I also address how to keep up with conversations and improve your Spanish fluency when you're in a relationship with a native

  • Episode 52 La manera más fácil de aprender la gramática The Easiest Way to Learn Spanish Grammar In this final episode of the goal setting series, we’re going to tackle the topic of grammar.  I know Spanish grammar can be very confusing. Although it might be complicated, there is a way to master Spanish grammar

  • Episode 51 El atajo para mejorar tu comprensión auditiva The Shortcut to Improve Your Listening Comprehension This episode is provided in both Spanish and English Most Spanish learners struggle with listening comprehension.  It can be so difficult that it leaves them feeling frustrated and hopeless.  If you’re going to overcome this problem, you need a

  • Episode 50

    Episode 50 Cómo convertirse en un maestro de conversación How to Become a Master Conversationalist This episode is provided in both Spanish and English Have you spent a considerable amount of time studying Spanish but you're still not confident in your ability to speak Spanish?  Does the idea of having a conversation with a native

  • Episode 49

    Episode 49 La forma correcta de aprender vocabulario nuevo The Right Way to Learn New Vocabulary This episode is provided in both Spanish and English The New Year is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about rebooting your Spanish goals.  In part 2 of our Spanish language goal setting series, I’ll show you exactly how to set

  • Episode 48

    Episode 48 Cómo establecer metas efectivas de aprendizaje de español How to Establish Effective Spanish Learning Goals El nuevo año se nos viene encima, y durante estos días hay muchas personas que piensan en el establecimiento de sus metas. En este episodio, empezamos con una serie de ese tema para ayudarles a establecer metas de

  • Episode 47 Dominican Spanish Dialogue: Introducing a New Friend In this episode we'll review a dialogue from the Dominican Spanish 101 course.   Maria introduces her friend Christian to her friend Lucia on the beach.  Watch the video below for a full transcript of the conversation (Dominican words appear in red). Sign up for the

  • Episode 46 Conversational Spanish: How to Ask for Directions Do you want to improve your Spanish conversation skills? To help you build your Spanish conversation skills, in this episode we'll review a dialogue covering a common situation when you're traveling or even just going to a new place for the first time. In this conversation, you'll

  • Episode 45 5 Ways to Improve Your Spanish Accent from the Beginning Interview with Hongyu Chen from Speechling Do you want to improve your Spanish pronunciation, but don't know where to start? When learning a language, we have so many new skills to learn. Unfortunately, pronunciation can be one of those areas we don't focus

  • How to Fix Spanish pronunciation mistakes

    Episode 44 How to Fix the Most Common Spanish Pronunciation Mistakes Interview with Andrea from Spanish Con Salsa Do you want to find out how to fix your Spanish pronunciation errors? In this interview with Spanish Con Salsa Coach Andrea, we'll share the most common Spanish pronunciation mistakes made by English-speaking Spanish learners.  More importantly, we'll

  • Episode 43 What Type of Spanish Should You Learn? (Part 2) How do you decide what type of Spanish to learn? In this episode, I'll go over some key questions you should ask yourself to pick a type of Spanish. I also explain how to get started if you're not sure what's the best type

  • Episode 42 What Type of Spanish Should You Learn? (Part 1) Do you know what type of Spanish you should learn?  This is one of the most common questions I get asked. Should you learn Spanish from Spain or Mexican Spanish?  What are the differences between different types of Spanish?  I'll explain why it's important

  • The 5 Ways to Say You in Spanish

    Episode 41 The 5 Ways to Say YOU in Spanish Did you know there are 5 different ways to say “you” in Spanish?  Listen to this episode to find out what they all are, and more importantly, when and where you should use them.  Even if you already think you know, you'll probably be surprised by at

  • Episode 40 El mejor lugar para aprender español Entrevista con Andrea Alger, Spanishland School (Parte 2) ¿Quieres saber el mejor lugar para aprender español? En parte 2 de la conversación con Andrea Alger de Spanishland School, hablamos sobre los acentos de español y cual es lo más fácil de entender. Luego Andrea nos cuenta un

  • Episode 39 3 Claves para llegar al siguiente nivel de español Entrevista con Andrea Alger, Spanishland School (Parte 1) ¿Quieres mejorar tu español, pero te sientes estancado? En esta entrevista con Andrea Alger de Spanishland School, hablamos sobre las 3 claves para superar los obstáculos y llegar al siguiente nivel de español. Si tu nivel

  • Episode 38 How to Perfect Your Pronunciation Interview with Kyle Kuzman, Here Listen Speak In this conversation with Kyle Kuzman from Here Listen Speak, he reveals the trick he's used to quickly improve his pronunciation in 4 foreign languages.  Find out what to do first if you want to learn to speak Spanish like a

  • Letra de Rebelión por Joe Arroyo

    Episode 37 Aprende español con la música (Rebelión por Joe Arroyo) En este episodio, revisamos la letra de la canción Rebelión por Joe Arroyo. Aprende vocabulario nuevo, un poquito sobre la historia de Colombia, y como se usa el imperfecto en español. Links Enroll in the Learn Spanish with Music Course now through Thursday, September 19, 2019. Get more details at

  • Episode 36 From English-Speaking Latina to Confident Solo Traveler: Kayla's Story Interview with Kayla Rodriguez, Winner of Spanish Con Salsa Challenge Puerto Rico Vacation (Part 2) In this episode, we talk about a how Kayla went from responding in English to gaining the confidence to speak Spanish with native Spanish speakers. She also shares… How

  • Episode 35 Are You Nervous Talking to Native Spanish Speakers? Interview with Kayla Rodriguez, Winner of Spanish Con Salsa Challenge Puerto Rico Vacation (Part 1) In this episode I'll be sharing a conversation with Kayla who joined the Spanish Con Salsa community and started our Learn Spanish with Music course when we first got started.

  • Episode 34 Skip These Time Wasters and Start Improving Your Spanish Listening Skills Have you been trying to improve your Spanish listening skills by just increasing your exposure to Spanish?  In this episode, I'll explain why many of the activities you may have tried are a waste of time, and what to do instead if

  • Improve your Spanish listening skills

    Episode 33 Why You Can't Understand the Fast Pace of Spoken Spanish Do you struggle to keep up when listening to native Spanish speakers because they talk too fast? If so, this episode is for you.  I'm going to share the 5 top reasons you have a hard time understanding spoken Spanish, and how you

  • Episode 32 5 Travel Tips to Create the Perfect Spanish Immersion Experience Do you want to travel to Latin America, immerse yourself in the culture, make new friends, and practice your Spanish?  In this episode, I give you 5 expert tips to turn your next trip into an authentic travel experience, not just a normal

  • Puerto Rican Spanish

    Episode 31 What's Different about Puerto Rican Spanish? Interview with Jen Ruiz: Travel Blogger, Amazon Bestselling Author, and TEDx Speaker This is part 2 of a 2-part conversation with Jen Ruiz (listen to part 1 here), travel blogger and bestselling author.  In this episode, we'll review some Spanish words you'll only hear in Puerto Rico

  • puerto rico travel interview with jen ruiz

    Episode 30 Puerto Rico Beyond San Juan: 8 Must-See Destinations Interview with Jen Ruiz: Travel Blogger, Amazon Bestselling Author, and TEDx Speaker In this episode of the podcast I'll be talking to Jen Ruiz, a lawyer turned solo travel blogger and Amazon bestselling author. She is also a TEDx speaker and has been featured by

  • Episode 29 The Best Way to Reach Conversational Fluency Interview with Shay Spence, Español en 3000 Struggling to go from the beginner level to conversational fluency? In this episode, I talk to Shay Spence, the founder of Español en 3000. We talk all about how he improved his conversational Spanish and some of his tips

  • Episode 28 Netflix and Chill: Binge Watch Your Way to Spanish Fluency Have you heard that watching TV in Spanish can help you reach fluency? In this episode, I give you my personal recommendations for 7 Netflix series you can watch in Spanish.  You'll find learning Spanish with TV series entertaining, addictive, and informative.  Most

  • Episode 27 Build Your Spanish Conversation Skills One of the hardest skills to build as a Spanish learner is the ability to have a conversation with a native Spanish speaker. In episode 26, we talked about how to lose your fear of speaking Spanish. This week, we'll give you some practical tips for building your

  • Episode 26 How to Lose Your Fear of Speaking Spanish Interview with Translator Lindsay Griffiths Lindsay Griffiths is a doctoral student in the English department at Princeton University. She earned her BA in English Literature and Spanish/English Translation from CUNY Hunter College. She is a published translator and is currently pursuing her studies in African-American

  • Episode 25 Travel Stories: La Fugitiva Negringa en Rio This is part 1 of the new series: Historias de viaje (Travel Stories). I'm sharing my real life (crazy) travel stories. In this first installment, I talk about my trip to Rio de Janerio. I wanted to go to Carnival, but I ended up taking an

  • Episode 24 My 5 Favorite Resources for Intermediate Spanish Learners In this episode, I share my favorite resources for intermediate Spanish learners. Once you get beyond the beginner phase, you'll need resources to help you get to the next level and make continuous improvement. Listen for how to use the best tools that will work

  • Episode 23 The Best Resources for Spanish Beginners If you're just getting started with Spanish and aren't sure what to do first, this episode is for you. I break down my 5 favorite free and low-cost Spanish resources for beginners, and why you should use them. I also talk about things you should avoid and

  • Episode 22 The Fastest Way to Learn Spanish: An Interview with The Urban Eve You may know my guest in this episode from her YouTube channel The Urban Eve where she talks all about travel and language learning.  Eve speaks 8 languages and she’s going to share with us her secret to learning languages quickly

  • Episode 21 The Best Way to Get On Track to Meet Your Spanish Goals How many times have you downloaded an app to learn Spanish, but a month later you still hadn’t even opened it?  Or have you ever signed up for an online Spanish course that you just never got around to finishing?  In

  • Episode 20 Beginner to Bilingual: The Fast Track to Spanish Fluency [Part 1] I recently released my free workshop Beginner to Bilingual: The Fast Track to Spanish Fluency. For the first time, I'm revealing all of my success strategies for rapid language learning.  So if you're just getting started with Spanish, or if you've been

  • Episode 19 Cultural Immersion: Exploring Dominican Bachata with Carlos Cinta  This week, we're continuing our theme of cultural immersion in our conversation with Carlos Cinta.  Carlos is dance instructor, DJ, and music editor.  He's most known in the dance community for his expertise in musicality, especially when it comes to Bachata music from the Dominican

  • Episode 18 Immerse Yourself in Latin Music, Dance, and Culture Interview with Moshe Rasier from Aventura Dance Cruise Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance, visit the Dominican Republic, or go to the concert of your favorite Latin music artist?  What if I told you that you could do all of the above

  • Making Your Spanish Habits Stick

    Episode 17 Making You Spanish Habits Stick How to Avoid Burnout, Boredom, and Distraction How do you get yourself to follow through with learning and speaking Spanish on a regular basis? If you haven't already, go back and listen to episode 16 about how to establish the habit of using Spanish in your daily life

  • Episode 16 How to Learn Spanish on Autopilot Stop setting goals and do this instead Do you struggle to stay on track with improving your Spanish?  Have you started learning on one app, only to quit when it got boring, and then later started another program and then stopped that too because you got busy?  In this episode, we’re going to talk about how to

  • Episode 15 How to Stay Motivated and Make Consistent Progress with Spanish Interview with Brittany Davis, Spanish Con Salsa Members Challenge Winner In this episode, we’re talking to a Spanish learner that’s probably a lot like you.  Brittany feels a connection with Latino culture, music, and her local community.  After downloading numerous apps and stocking

  • BONUS Episode Song Breakdown of Inmortal by Romeo Santos In this episode, I breakdown the lyrics of the song “Inmortal” by Romeo Santos featuring Aventura. I also give you some vocbulary and grammar tips along the way. Enjoy!  Download the Lyrics to “Inmortal” by Romeo Santos Feat. Aventura (Spanish with English Translation)Let us know the

  • Interview with Desta Haile, Languages through Music

    Episode 14 How to Fast Track Your Fluency with Music: Interview with Desta Haile, Languages through Music Is your Spanish progress slow because you’re learning in a way that’s boring, ineffective, or culturally irrelevant? In this episode, Desta Haile from Languages through Music shares lessons from her 15 years of experience as a language teacher

  • Episode 13 Aprende español con la música: Cómo expresar deseos con el subjuntivo [Nivel Intermedio] Aprender cómo se usa el subjuntivo en español para expresar deseos.  Vamos a ver ejemplos de la canción “Ojalá que llueva café” por Juan Luis Guerra. Transcript Time Transcript English Translation 00:00-02:09 Hola y bienvenidos al episodio 13 del podcast

  • Episode 12 Lost in Translation: How to Avoid Confusion and Communicate Effectively in Intercultural Relationships An Interview with Maribel Quezada-Smith from the podcast Diferente Learning Spanish goes hand-in-hand with learning about Latino culture.  As we learn the language, we meet new people, make friends, and even start dating people outside of our own culture. In

  • Episode 11 7 Cuban Spanish Words and You Didn’t Know Like most dialects of Spanish from the Caribbean, Cuban Spanish is different than other forms of the Spanish language.  Cubans have a unique accent and also words and expressions that are unique to the island.  In this episode, you’ll learn 7 Cuban Spanish words and

  • Episode 10 5 Must-See Attractions to Experience the Real Cuba: Interview with Devyn and Tracey Benson from Conocer Cuba Travel If Cuba is on your travel bucket list, this episode is for you. In our conversation with Devyn and Tracey Benson from Conocer Cuba Travel, we talk about some must-see Cuban attractions to experience the

  • Episode 09 7 Dominican Spanish Words and Expressions You Didn’t Know It’s not only the accent that makes Dominican Spanish unique.  There are hundreds of words and expressions that you’ll only hear in the DR.  In this episode, we’re joined again by Kesia from the Spanish Con Salsa team to review 7 Dominican words and

  • Episode 08 Learn Spanish with Bachata Music: Talking about Future Plans (Voy Pa’lla by Antony Santos) Did you know you can learn Spanish grammar with music?  In this episode, we’ll explore how to use the Spanish future tense with the Dominican music genre bachata.  We’ll review 2 ways to talk about future plans, give you

  • Episode 07 How to Improve Your Spanish Listening Skills: Interview with Shahidah Foster from Black Girls Learn Languages Do you have a hard time understanding native Spanish speakers?  Does it sound like they just speak way too fast for you to catch every word?  Well, we’re here to help.  In this conversation with Shahidah Foster,

  • Episode 06 Lessons Learned from 6 Million Language Exchanges: Interview with Tobias Dickmeis from Tandem What if there was a way to make friends with a native Spanish speaker and practice at any time and any place for free? This week we are joined by our guest Tobias Dickmeis, one of the co-founders of the

  • Episode 05 5 Steps to Get Effective Spanish Conversation Practice for Free Learn how to find reliable conversation partners to improve your Spanish speaking skills for free.  In this episode, we’ll review how to determine if you’re ready for a language exchange, its benefits and challenges,and how to get the most out of the language

  • Episode 04 9 Creative Ways to Learn Spanish with Music Are you one of the millions of people that loves Latin music?  Have you ever heard a song in Spanish that you really like and you wish you could understand it? Do you want to incorporate music into your language learning but don’t know whereto

  • Episode 03 Why It's Easier for Salseros and Bachateros to Learn Spanish 5 – 6 – 7 – 8! What if I told you that dancing salsa could help you with your Spanish? In this week’s podcast, we dive into the specifics of why dancing to Latin music gives you an immediate advantage in learning

  • Episode 02 Why You Can’t Understand Dominican Spanish Speakers You may have noticed that Dominicans don’t speak the same way you may have been taught in your Spanish classes.   You might even feel like they’re speaking an entirely different language in the Dominican Republic! Not to worry – we’re diving into all the specifics in

  • Episode 01 3 Spanish Hacks You Didn't Expect to Learn from Despacito Learn Spanish with music by exploring 3 ways you can use Spanish from the lyrics to the song Despacito.  Find out how to talk about things you have to do, talk about actions in progress, and an easy way to understand the diminutive