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Learn Spanish Con Salsa Podcast: All Episodes

Learn Spanish Con Salsa Podcast: All Episodes

  • Episode 27 Build Your Spanish Conversation Skills One of the hardest skills to build as a Spanish learner is the ability to have a conversation with a native Spanish speaker. In episode 26, we talked about how to lose your fear of speaking Spanish. This week, we’ll give you some practical tips for building your

  • Episode 26 How to Lose Your Fear of Speaking Spanish Interview with Translator Lindsay Griffiths Lindsay Griffiths is a doctoral student in the English department at Princeton University. She earned her BA in English Literature and Spanish/English Translation from CUNY Hunter College. She is a published translator and is currently pursuing her studies in African-American

  • Episode 25 Travel Stories: La Fugitiva Negringa en Rio This is part 1 of the new series: Historias de viaje (Travel Stories). I’m sharing my real life (crazy) travel stories. In this first installment, I talk about my trip to Rio de Janerio. I wanted to go to Carnival, but I ended up taking an

  • Episode 24 My 5 Favorite Resources for Intermediate Spanish Learners In this episode, I share my favorite resources for intermediate Spanish learners. Once you get beyond the beginner phase, you’ll need resources to help you get to the next level and make continuous improvement. Listen for how to use the best tools that will work

  • Episode 23 The Best Resources for Spanish Beginners If you’re just getting started with Spanish and aren’t sure what to do first, this episode is for you. I break down my 5 favorite free and low-cost Spanish resources for beginners, and why you should use them. I also talk about things you should avoid and

  • Episode 22 The Fastest Way to Learn Spanish: An Interview with The Urban Eve You may know my guest in this episode from her YouTube channel The Urban Eve where she talks all about travel and language learning.  Eve speaks 8 languages and she’s going to share with us her secret to learning languages quickly

  • Episode 21 The Best Way to Get On Track to Meet Your Spanish Goals How many times have you downloaded an app to learn Spanish, but a month later you still hadn’t even opened it?  Or have you ever signed up for an online Spanish course that you just never got around to finishing?  In

  • Episode 20 Beginner to Bilingual: The Fast Track to Spanish Fluency [Part 1] I recently released my free workshop Beginner to Bilingual: The Fast Track to Spanish Fluency. For the first time, I’m revealing all of my success strategies for rapid language learning.  So if you’re just getting started with Spanish, or if you’ve been

  • Episode 19 Cultural Immersion: Exploring Dominican Bachata with Carlos Cinta  This week, we’re continuing our theme of cultural immersion in our conversation with Carlos Cinta.  Carlos is dance instructor, DJ, and music editor.  He’s most known in the dance community for his expertise in musicality, especially when it comes to Bachata music from the Dominican

  • Episode 18 Immerse Yourself in Latin Music, Dance, and Culture Interview with Moshe Rasier from Aventura Dance Cruise Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance, visit the Dominican Republic, or go to the concert of your favorite Latin music artist?  What if I told you that you could do all of the above

  • Making Your Spanish Habits Stick

    Episode 17 Making You Spanish Habits Stick How to Avoid Burnout, Boredom, and Distraction How do you get yourself to follow through with learning and speaking Spanish on a regular basis? If you haven’t already, go back and listen to episode 16 about how to establish the habit of using Spanish in your daily life

  • Episode 16 How to Learn Spanish on Autopilot Stop setting goals and do this instead Do you struggle to stay on track with improving your Spanish?  Have you started learning on one app, only to quit when it got boring, and then later started another program and then stopped that too because you got busy?  In this episode, we’re going to talk about how to

  • Episode 15 How to Stay Motivated and Make Consistent Progress with Spanish Interview with Brittany Davis, Spanish Con Salsa Members Challenge Winner In this episode, we’re talking to a Spanish learner that’s probably a lot like you.  Brittany feels a connection with Latino culture, music, and her local community.  After downloading numerous apps and stocking

  • BONUS Episode Song Breakdown of Inmortal by Romeo Santos In this episode, I breakdown the lyrics of the song “Inmortal” by Romeo Santos featuring Aventura. I also give you some vocbulary and grammar tips along the way. Enjoy!  Download the Lyrics to “Inmortal” by Romeo Santos Feat. Aventura (Spanish with English Translation)Let us know the

  • Interview with Desta Haile, Languages through Music

    Episode 14 How to Fast Track Your Fluency with Music: Interview with Desta Haile, Languages through Music Is your Spanish progress slow because you’re learning in a way that’s boring, ineffective, or culturally irrelevant? In this episode, Desta Haile from Languages through Music shares lessons from her 15 years of experience as a language teacher

  • Episode 13 Aprende español con la música: Cómo expresar deseos con el subjuntivo [Nivel Intermedio] Aprender cómo se usa el subjuntivo en español para expresar deseos.  Vamos a ver ejemplos de la canción “Ojalá que llueva café” por Juan Luis Guerra. Transcript Time Transcript English Translation 00:00-02:09 Hola y bienvenidos al episodio 13 del podcast

  • Episode 12 Lost in Translation: How to Avoid Confusion and Communicate Effectively in Intercultural Relationships An Interview with Maribel Quezada-Smith from the podcast Diferente Learning Spanish goes hand-in-hand with learning about Latino culture.  As we learn the language, we meet new people, make friends, and even start dating people outside of our own culture. In

  • Episode 11 7 Cuban Spanish Words and You Didn’t Know Like most dialects of Spanish from the Caribbean, Cuban Spanish is different than other forms of the Spanish language.  Cubans have a unique accent and also words and expressions that are unique to the island.  In this episode, you’ll learn 7 Cuban Spanish words and

  • Episode 10 5 Must-See Attractions to Experience the Real Cuba: Interview with Devyn and Tracey Benson from Conocer Cuba Travel If Cuba is on your travel bucket list, this episode is for you. In our conversation with Devyn and Tracey Benson from Conocer Cuba Travel, we talk about some must-see Cuban attractions to experience the

  • Episode 09 7 Dominican Spanish Words and Expressions You Didn’t Know It’s not only the accent that makes Dominican Spanish unique.  There are hundreds of words and expressions that you’ll only hear in the DR.  In this episode, we’re joined again by Kesia from the Spanish Con Salsa team to review 7 Dominican words and

  • Episode 08 Learn Spanish with Bachata Music: Talking about Future Plans (Voy Pa’lla by Antony Santos) Did you know you can learn Spanish grammar with music?  In this episode, we’ll explore how to use the Spanish future tense with the Dominican music genre bachata.  We’ll review 2 ways to talk about future plans, give you

  • Episode 07 How to Improve Your Spanish Listening Skills: Interview with Shahidah Foster from Black Girls Learn Languages Do you have a hard time understanding native Spanish speakers?  Does it sound like they just speak way too fast for you to catch every word?  Well, we’re here to help.  In this conversation with Shahidah Foster,

  • Episode 06 Lessons Learned from 6 Million Language Exchanges: Interview with Tobias Dickmeis from Tandem What if there was a way to make friends with a native Spanish speaker and practice at any time and any place for free? This week we are joined by our guest Tobias Dickmeis, one of the co-founders of the

  • Episode 05 5 Steps to Get Effective Spanish Conversation Practice for Free Learn how to find reliable conversation partners to improve your Spanish speaking skills for free.  In this episode, we’ll review how to determine if you’re ready for a language exchange, its benefits and challenges,and how to get the most out of the language

  • Episode 04 9 Creative Ways to Learn Spanish with Music Are you one of the millions of people that loves Latin music?  Have you ever heard a song in Spanish that you really like and you wish you could understand it? Do you want to incorporate music into your language learning but don’t know whereto

  • Episode 03 Why It’s Easier for Salseros and Bachateros to Learn Spanish 5 – 6 – 7 – 8! What if I told you that dancing salsa could help you with your Spanish? In this week’s podcast, we dive into the specifics of why dancing to Latin music gives you an immediate advantage in learning

  • Episode 02 Why You Can’t Understand Dominican Spanish Speakers You may have noticed that Dominicans don’t speak the same way you may have been taught in your Spanish classes.   You might even feel like they’re speaking an entirely different language in the Dominican Republic! Not to worry – we’re diving into all the specifics in

  • Episode 01 3 Spanish Hacks You Didn’t Expect to Learn from Despacito Learn Spanish with music by exploring 3 ways you can use Spanish from the lyrics to the song Despacito.  Find out how to talk about things you have to do, talk about actions in progress, and an easy way to understand the diminutive