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The Ultimate List of Podcasts for Spanish Learners (Updated 2020)

    spanish language podcasts
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    50+ Interesting Podcasts that Will Help You Understand Spoken Spanish for Free

    If you’re like many Spanish learners, you are better at reading Spanish than understanding spoken Spanish.

    Unless you have had lots of exposure to native Spanish speakers, it can be hard to understand the rapid pace of Spanish speech.

    To overcome this hump, it’s important to find quality audio that you can understand and listen to frequently.

    With podcasts, you can boost your ability to understand spoken Spanish while you drive to work, clean your house, go for a run, or walk your dog.

    Podcasts are simply radio shows broadcasted using the internet. You can subscribe to shows you like using services like iTunes or Stitcher and you will be notified when new episodes are published.

    One of the best things about podcasts is that they provide free, accessible, and consistent content.

    Many podcasts also have transcripts that you can read and follow along with as you listen. (Note: Sometimes there is a fee or premium subscription requirement to access full transcripts for some shows.)

    Some podcasts are inactive and no longer provide new episodes, but don’t let that deter you.  The archives of these podcasts are still available and have a wealth of great content.

    With this extensive list of podcasts, you are bound to find something that works for you.

    Podcasts for Beginners

    Spanish Vocabulary

    Free downloads designed by Arkansas Distance Education to introduce learners to basic Spanish vocabulary.

    Introduction to Spanish

    Introductory phrases to help you begin learning Spanish

    Basic Spanish

    These audio files contain the listening section of a basic first year Spanish course

    Spanish 101: Elementary Spanish

    This podcast gives tips on learning grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation for the new Spanish learners

    Spanish Podcast

    A series of video podcasts explaining basic structures in Spanish

    Spanish Course-Learn Out Loud

    Podcasts to help you learn basic phrases in Spanish

    Dialogues for Spanish Learners: Beginner’s level

    Dialogues to hear basic Spanish in context

    Survival Phrases

    Basic Spanish survival phrases

    Podcasts for Intermediate Learners

    Understanding Spanish with Stories

    This podcast introduces present tense verb conjugation through simple stories in Spanish


    Nate and Andrea Alger discuss controversial topics, cultural events, and from time to time interview Spanish speakers.

    Español Autentico

    Audio clips from Spanish learners (no new episodes)

    Se Habla Español

    A podcast that helps you learn Spanish using the voices of famous people.

    Spanish Podcast

    A good way to brush up on your Spanish by listening to stories of real life

    Spanish Para Todos

    This is designed for people who have taken one or two Spanish courses and want to improve their listening and speaking

    En Rumbo

    The Open University Intermediate Spanish course

    La Vida en Español

    Listen to interesting 10- minute conversations in Spanish

    Spanish A+

    Teaches new vocabulary in context through bilingual podcasts

    Podcasts for Advanced Learners


    Un podcast dirigido a estudiantes extranjeros de español intermedio y avanzado (B1-C2) que se sienten estancados en su aprendizaje y quieren avanzar

    La Casa Rojas

    The fine points of the language are presented through music, culture, history, literature and food

    Notes in Spanish GOLD

    Learn Spanish by listening to conversations designed for the advanced/high intermediate learner (*Limited free content, requires payment for full access)

    Spanish 360 with Fabian

    Podcasts created by a native Argentine living in the US

    En Sintonia con el Español

    This is the Cervantes Institute teaching module geared toward correcting common Spanish language learner errors

    Master Spanish Now!

    19-minute podcasts created for intermediate and advanced learners

    Tú Escuela Español

    A way to increase your Spanish grammar and culture knowledge with clear and easy explanations

    Show Time Spanish

    Program that teaches Spanish grammar and also includes short stories

    Te invito un café

    This podcast is about growth, personal development, and how to achieve your goals from a host based in the Dominican Republic

    Podcasts for All Levels

    Learn Spanish Con Salsa

    Of course, we have to mention our own podcast! Our show is for beginner and intermediate Spanish learners that love Latin music, travel, and culture.

    Spanish Obsessed

    Podcast with a native Spanish speaker from Colombia and a Spanish speaker that has learned Spanish as a 2nd language that highlights common errors made by Spanish learners through real conversation

    Podcasts in Spanish

    A podcast for students of all levels who want to improve their listening and speaking skills.


    Learn Spanish idioms, culture, and grammar with video lessons

    Coffee Break Spanish

    Short lessons designed to teach you Spanish during your break, this podcast covers a variety of grammar concepts with detailed explanations

    Q and A Spanish

    Question and Answer sessions with a native Spanish speaker.

    L de Lengua

    This podcast is about the learning and teaching Spanish

    Spanish Quickies

    Short lessons with video that cover various grammar topics

    Real Fast Spanish

    A guide to conversation hacking in Spanish

    Insta Spanish

    Comprehension exercises and grammar lessons for all levels

    Travel and Latin American Culture Podcasts

    Dimelo Caminando

    This is a podcast dedicated to Spanish language learning, Latin American travel, and on-the-ground education

    Tu Tradición Latina

    A Latin music and culture podcast

    Hola Viajeros

    This is an additional resource for News in Slow Spanish that contains resources and information about various Spanish-speaking countries

    Café y Te

    A comparison of the Eastern and Western cultures in Spanish

    Radio Ambulante

    Interesting stories about the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world on National Public Radio (NPR) with free transcripts in Spanish and English

    Podcasts with Slang and Colloquial Expressions

    Mexicano Slang

    This podcast will get you speaking like a real Mexican, best for intermediate and advanced learners

    Real Spanish

    Presents Spanish slang from all over the world

    Hablemos Español

    Listen to native Mexicans talk about grammar, regionalisms, slang and more

    Podcasts with Dialogues


    A variety of short conversations based upon real life situations for those beginning to learn Spanish

    Learn Spanish: My Spanish Podcasts

    Listen to a native Spanish speaker talk about interesting topics

    The Unlimited Spanish

    Lessons with dialogue and Spanish grammar explanations by a Spanish teacher (native speaker from Spain), 100% in Spanish but speaks slowly and clearly

    Grammar-Focused Podcasts

    Spanish in 180 seconds

    Fast paced grammar tutorials that teach present and past tense

    Side by Side

    This podcast offers grammatical instruction and comparison to English

    Spanish Grammar Review

    A grammar review for intermediate and advanced learners

    Spanish Pod 101

    Teaches grammar through dialogues with detailed explanations from absolute beginner through advanced levels

    There you have it, the big list of Spanish podcasts for all levels and interests.

    Don’t be afraid to try out a variety of podcasts and only subscribe to the ones that you find useful.

    The most important thing is that you find what works for you, stay interested, and have fun while you’re learning Spanish.

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